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Are your memories scattered across social media?
Are they recorded at all?
Wouldn’t you like to share all your memories in audio and video format with family and future family members?
Enter Capsll!
Find out about this incredible new app,
where you can make all of this happen!
We help you with the tech!



Where do you save your memories? At best our memories are scattered across social media if recorded at all, and impossible to pass on.  Enter Capsll! We provide users with digital time capsules to save life stories, memories, and insights in video, picture, and audio format, with the ability to share selectively and privately, with generational sharing to be added in 2023.

We do this all while putting YOU first, with a platform where you actually own your content, we never sell your data, no ads, no 3rd party tracking, and no public ‘likes’ or comments. We expect private sharing to be the next wave of content sharing, allowing you to selectively share what is important to you, with friends and family you are in community with, thus building deeper, more meaningful relationships. We believe that of 8 billion people on earth, you are unique, one of a kind, and your story deserves to be saved and passed on for generations.

Capsll’s founder, Clint Davis, was born and raised in South Africa. As a radio DJ, his 17-year career saw him broadcast to over 5 million listeners while living in 4 different countries. During his time in South Africa, Dubai, Australia, and the United States, Clint and his wife Rachelle, a former Bulls Babe, made many memories and wanted a place to save these memories. As Clint says, “I want my future kids to know how we became the people we now are. I considered how much I would love to hear my grandfather’s thoughts and all his wisdom now that I am mature enough to appreciate them. I learned that we find value in each other through authentic connection, and one way for us to connect is to know each other’s stories. Today’s, and yesteryear’s stories, remind us of who we are, that we have value, both individually and collectively.” From this place, Capsll was born.




Cofounder CPO and South African, Anton Devenish, brings over 19 years of expertise in the digital space specialising in development and management automation and digital marketing within Enterprise & SMB. Cofounder CBO, Sam Syed, brings over 16 years of financial services experience in trading, wealth management, and advisory across the U.S., London, and Dubai. Together the three co-founders round out the executive team.

As Capsll began its journey, we formed alliances with non-profit organisations (NPO’s) to provide a way for them to receive a revenue stream that is permanent, exponential, and indefinite. We do this by allowing users to select an affiliated NPO during their account setup. When a NPO is selected and the customer subscribes to the app, we will donate 12.6% of their subscription fee to the NPO of their choice, indefinitely. Our goal is to remove the strain of fundraising and allow NPO’s to focus all of their attention on caring for their communities. We are always looking for new NPO’s to partner with, if you are interested, please contact us at

Moving forward, Capsll has its sights set on building our lead product development team in South Africa, creating a place for growth in the tech community from a US based company.

Capsll runs a subscription model which offers a free, limited version as well as a paid version with upgraded storage and sharing capabilities. The paid version can be paid monthly at R 142.23 or yearly at R 1406.30.

The Capsll App is live for iOS and Android devices in its beta stage. If you would like to be notified when we officially launch, you can join the waitlist on the Capsll website,!




To find out more about Capsll, visit To download the app, click here for the Apple App Store or click here for the Google Play Store. 

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