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With the Older Person’s Grant increasing by only R30 per month, it has become imperative for senior citizens to become savvy senior shoppers.

The good news is that saving money can be as simple
as joining forces with other pensioners.


savvy senior shopper


Joining forces with like-minded senior shoppers is a great way to save cash.
Remember that bulk buying is not about quantity in this instance, it’s about thrift.
And boy, do we all need to be thrifty right now.

A recent conversation in a Facebook pensioner group bemoaned the fact that the supermarket specials (products like buy 3 for the price of 2) were just not affordable for SA pensioners.  And they are right.  However, there is a a solution.

YEI takes a look at clubbing in general (no, not nightclubbing!) and checks out the benefits, savings and better deals that you as a pensioner can enjoy, when you work as a team with others.  We are all going through really tough times.  The trend for savvy senior shoppers to team up is definitely on the rise, which is good news as the need is great.

Club together and group shop

3 for 2 deals are definitely a money saver.  However, the problem for pensioners, other than not being in a position to afford to buy 3 items at a time, is the problem of space – being able to pack and store multiple items.  Pensioners have the same problem when buying a pocket of potatoes, onions or butternut.  Other than the affordability issue, a pensioner on his/her own, or even a pensioner couple, will not be able to utilise the full pocket before the produce goes off.  And that is a real waste of money.

The solution is becoming a Savvy Senior Shopper.  All you need is an informal group of three or more people to take advantage of the regular 3 for 2 deals.    Joining forces with neighbours or friends is a good place to start.  You need to do your homework first by checking out the specials that are on offer.  Collectively decide what you need, and one person goes to do the shopping.

Pensioner shopper, Marie, does exactly this.  “There are six of us Savvy Senior Shoppers in our shopping group.  It’s all about saving money and being thrifty.  We buy fresh produce, canned goods and many items on 3 for 2 sales.  Everything bought is divvied up equally amongst the six of us.  And because we are sharing, and taking turns to drive to the shops, we are saving quite a bit of money and wasting nothing”. 

As a group, the benefits are extensive.  You can negotiate discounts with other service providers as well – garden services, the hairdresser, mechanics, pool cleaning services etc.  In these times especially, what service provider wouldn’t want three more customers at a discounted rate for all three – 3 x R200 haircuts is much better than one customer at R250.  Have a go…  See what you can wangle.

Club together and car-pool

Petrol prices are about to go through the roof.
We are about to be hit with a 27c-a-litre hike in the fuel levy.

With this never ending rise in the cost of fuel, maybe it’s time to consider clubbing together to go on shopping trips, an outing to your local botanical gardens (on Pensioner’s Day of course!), going to your local church or a walk at the seaside. 

Club together with co-living arrangements

If you are a baby boomer, then co-living may well be familiar to you – many of us shared households and communes back in the sixties.  It’s a concept well and truly planted in many parts of the world – in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, just to mention a few.  There is no doubt about it, that a co-living arrangement does wonders for your meagre pension, provides you with companionship and lots of laughs. 

Club together with gifting arrangements

Everyone’s in the same boat and watching their budgets.  Whether you need to cough up for a birthday gift or wedding present, team up with family members or friends.  With everyone contributing a little, the recipient can receive a much more meaningful gift or voucher, without individuals breaking the bank.

Club together with events

It’s not the time to be thinking about getting together with friends for that long-awaited get-together, but it’s still fun to plan for when the time is right.  Getting together with friends is critical to our well-being.  I am sure we are all missing that all-important socialising.  But we don’t need to break the bank with dinner parties, high teas, or even catering for a braai.  Ask everyone who is attending to contribute a dish or a plate of eats.  Bring ‘n braais will very much come back into vogue after this last draining year.  No-one will object, and on the contrary, will be delighted just to get back into the social arena. 

Club together and start an investment club

An investment club could mean several things.  It could be linked to investing in the stock market, or it could be a collective fund where every member benefits once a year or twice-yearly.

Investment clubs are not just for the wealthy or those with inside knowledge into the mysterious world of stocks and shares.  The purpose of an investment club is to pool cash and ideas and then invest in the stock market with investments being spread across a wide variety of shares, thereby significantly reducing risk.  A treasurer needs to be nominated and appointed to look after the buying and selling of shares, and a secretary need to be appointed to record the minutes of the meeting. 

Another kind of investment club, maybe more like a stokvels, is where a group of people invest what they can afford, perhaps a R100 a month.  Once a year, if you have 12 people involved, one person receives R1200.  A nice little bonus to put towards something substantial that you might need.


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    Regarding the save when shopping…there is an app that you can download called cashback …its a part of the my world / cash back world…you earn cash back and shopper points …lots of merchants including checkers..picknpay…dischem all the favourites…i can help with the registration and it costs nothing to join..

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