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Best-known for his role in The Sound of Music,
The Man Who Would Be King and Murder By Decree,
Christopher Plummer, aged 91, died peacefully at his home
in Connecticut, on 5 February 2021, with his wife by his side. 


Christopher Plummer


Plummer’s career started in the 1950s.   He was a versatile Canadian actor  whose first appearance in film was in the 1958 film, Stage Struck.  Plummer won an Oscar for best supporting actor in the film, Beginners in 2011 – breaking an Oscar record for being the oldest actor to have won an Oscar at the age of 82.  When he was 88, he broke another age-related Oscar record – he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film “All the Money in the World” – this nomination mean that Plummer was the oldest actor to ever be nominated for an Oscar,    In this film, Plummer played Paul Getty, whose grandson was kidnapped by the mafia in 1973.    

Of course, we were all star-struck by his best-known role as Captain von Trapp, the singing anti-Nazi Captain in The Sound of Music in 1965.  The Sound of Music turned out to be Christopher Plummer’s real breakthrough into stardom.   One little known fact about Plummer’s role in this blockbuster movie was the fact that his singing voice was dubbed.  In fact, Plummer was furious when he found out about this as he had been voice training and working on his singing for so long for this particular role!  However, as time went by, he said “I’ve made my peace with it,” he added. “It annoyed the hell out of me at first. But I’m grateful to the film, and to Robert Wise, who’s a great director and a gentleman, and to Julie [Andrews], who’s remained a terrific friend.”

Helen Mirren, who starred with Plummer in The Last Station, said: “He was a mighty force both as man and actor. He was an actor in the 19th century meaning of the word — his commitment to his profession. His art was total, theatre being a constant and the most important part of the totality of his drive to engage with storytelling. He was fearless, energetic, courageous, knowledgeable, professional and a monument to what an actor can be. A great actor in the truest sense.”


RIP Christopher Plummer.
You were one of the greats in our time – thank you for five decades of wonderful entertainment!



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