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Although KwaZulu-Natal has a temperate climate and plenty of outdoor lifestyle opportunities, what has changed and transformed to make this province a popular retirement haven?


KZN popular retirement haven



While it continues to be a popular destination for local and foreign holiday-makers alike,  KwaZulu-Natal’s coastline, particularly Durban’s North and South Coasts, have become increasingly popular for retirees. A focus on investment in retirement property development, coupled with the province’s temperate climate and outdoor lifestyle opportunities, have made the province an attractive location for the soon-to-be retired to invest in.

Durban’s warm and friendly shores haven’t been particularly welcoming to retirees in the past.  However, Stats SA reveals that immigration into the province is set to rise from 275 920 in 2016 to 307 547 in 2021. So what has changed to make it the retirement haven it is today? With Private Property, we take a look at KwaZulu-Natal’s transformation into a popular retirement destination.

As there have been a lack of quality retirement estates available in KZN in the past, retirees have been reluctant to stick around. Baby-boomers are in the market for modern lifestyle estates that offer a retirement village feel, rather than the traditional and rather outdated old-age home model. Retirement villages offer retirees continued independence with amenities for an active lifestyle, close proximity to relaxing and social outdoor activities, and easy access to medical care.

According to Stats SA, KwaZulu-Natal has the second largest population in the country at roughly 11 million, with an estimated 925 863 residents aged 60 and older. With an increased demand for retirement property that offers a high quality lifestyle on the coast, a number of developers have begun to meet the demand with modern lifestyle villages in some of the province’s most popular areas. Now KwaZulu-Natal can offer modern retirees a lifestyle that suits their wants and needs.




The first development to provide this was Mount Edgecombe Retirement Village in Umhlanga, in 2017. The village contains 260 units, and a small number of freestanding, pet-friendly houses which sit conveniently in Kindlewood Estate. The estate is also home to a large wetland, with an abundance of local wildlife, golfing facilities and walking trails.

The second development that epitomises modern living is Shoreline Sibaya along KwaZulu Natal’s North Coast. The village is forecast to be complete in March 2019 with an initial 223 apartments available. The development is expected to have an easily accessible care centre and is located within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, providing residents with access to the beach and a forest filled with safe walking paths and trails.

From warm weather throughout the year that allows people to stay active and outdoors for longer, and inviting ocean views, to great value for money on property prices along the South Coast, and newly developed, modern retirement villages, KwaZulu-Natal offers the complete relaxed lifestyle package. Whether you’re looking for retirement property for sale in Durban itself or surrounds, chances are you will find an estate that wins your heart, and your pocket.




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  • Bruce Prescott says:

    Don’t leave the decision-making and the move until after the age of 70 -75 as the burden becomes greater with time. Your time to meet and make new friends is limited and boxes of personal possessions are heavy. Research the available retirement villages, their levies, the area in which they are located [e.g. Western Cape, Transkei Coast, Natal Coast, weather, what they offer, is the property reasonably level and safe for walking, are the residents of s9milar age and have interests similar to yours. We fopund the Westefn Cape expensive, windy and far from the rest of the country, similarly for the George/Knysna/Sedgefield area, the Natal coast affordable but hot and humid at times, etc. Also do you really still need 2 cars??

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