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Circle of friends

The organisation, Circle of Friends, are again sharing the season’s love with seniors, and would appreciate your help, by making up a care parcel for an elderly person.


If we’ve caught your attention, and you too are passionate about caring for our seniors, please read on to find out how you can become part of this growing initiative in Cape Town. Ho-ho-ho! We’ve been given the go ahead to start collecting gifts for our wonderful seniors and the green light to once again host two tea parties at the homes. 🙂

A little over 14 years ago 3 friends got together and decided to put their love for the elderly into action and thus ‘Santa for Seniors’ was born. When they mentioned to their friends, family and colleagues the idea they had to bring joy and Christmas cheer to the lives of the pensioners residing at Huis Zonnekus in Milnerton, they were met with such an overwhelmingly great response that they were not only able to collect gifts for Huis Zonnekus, but Ria Abel (Huis Ysterplaat), and a few of the Communicare residents too. The concept spread like wildfire, and suddenly it was no longer the 3 friends driving the project but a larger group of friends, and their friends, and their friends…and suddenly they realized that they were part of a much larger group, a group to become known as ‘Circle of Friends’.

This year more than ever, the Seniors have had very little visitors and donations. ONCE AGAIN we will be holding Christmas parties at both Huis Zonnekus and Ria Abel on the day of delivery.  Both parties will run consecutively and will start at 10am.   The two main homes are Huis Zonnekus and Ria Abel (Huis Ysterplaat). We are also hoping to support the other homes that we give to each year as well: Serenity, Parow North Care Centre and Pikkies if we receive enough gifts, which will be door-to-door deliveries, (helpers needed here as well.)


DATE: Saturday, 10th December starting at 10am

  • Christmas parties at Huis Zonnekus & Huis Ysterplaat (Ria Abel)
  • Door to door deliveries to other old age homes and Communicare flats.

As always, thanks for your love and support. Our elderly really need us and appreciate each one of you 😊. It’s been a particularly rough year for them, so let’s share the love and try to get as many people on board as possible.  They would really appreciate it if you consider making up a care parcel for an elderly person.


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We suggest a medium size gift bag (the one that’s slightly larger than an A4) or a largish shoe box, but we are not fussy, the contents are more important. (Reusable shopping bags are always a winner). We don’t insist that you fill the parcel with specific items or that it equals a certain amount, but simply that each item included is chosen with love and falls within your budget. And yes, you are welcome to include items that are not on the list, just no alcohol or medication. Cash donations welcome.

Here are a few suggestions of items which could be included:

  • Hand sanitiser (must contain 70% alcohol)
  • Mask
  • soap / shower gel
  • shampoo
  • roll-on / deodorant
  • shaving cream & razors (men)
  • talcum powder
  • Vaseline
  • Vicks or Zambuck
  • Prep
  • Body lotion / aqueous cream / camphor cream / face cream (seniors often suffer from dry skin, so a nourishing cream is often very appreciated)
  • liquid hand soap
  • toilet paper (residents of homes are generally only supplied with ±3 rolls a month)
  • coffee, tea, longlife milk, coffee creamer
  • rusks, biscuits
  • small boxes of juice
  • Christmas cake

Other ideas: Adult colouring in books or WordSearch / Crossword puzzle books. (Big words), something to keep the elderly busy. (Optional), Christmas cake.

Note: please, no drinking alcohol to be included.  


Circle of Friends



We will need as many helpers as possible, so please consider volunteering a few hours of your time on the day. All ages welcome, but children need to be accompanied by an adult. 

We will have a delivery register at all the delivery points, so please be sure to fill in your details when dropping off your parcels.

If you absolutely can’t deliver, and have more than 5 gifts, give us a ring and we’ll make a plan to collect.


Please clearly mark your parcel: MALE or FEMALE or UNISEX


Please like our Facebook page:


We would be most grateful if you would consider forwarding this email to those in your address book – or print it out and place it on your office notice board. We’ve had quite a few companies in the past who have rallied around and made it a staff initiative to collect as many parcels as possible. This makes a huge difference to numbers and is a great help.

Thanking you sincerely in advance for your assistance. Together we can make a difference!

Warmest regards and Many thanks

Circle of Friends 

083 453 2432 – Janine
084 559 6918 – Clarissa
083 411 0889 – Kerry
082 741 9355 – Carol
084 559 4990 – Lucy 


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We have had to change our drop-off points. If you feel that you would like to discuss anything with us, or if you’re having trouble delivering to one of the points, please contact us:

The following companies have kindly agreed to act as our new drop-off points:


Barksole, Edgemead Village Centre
Mon to Fri – 8am to 5pm
Sat – 9 to 1pm


Nature’s Deli
8 Raats  Drive, Table View


52 Fortuna Road, Sanddrift North
Weekdays from 2.30pm or evenings.
Please WhatsApp Janine to arrange times. 0834532432


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  • Claudia Benade says:

    Old Age Homes only give members 3 rolls toilet paper per month…..I go through 3 rolls per week – use loo paper as panty padding to catch ‘leaks’ They work better for me than some of the incontinence pads . I am so glad to hear that you ‘serve’ Ria Abel and Zonnekus. I’m 76, have mild mobility issues as well as losing bladder control, so I should be looking at entering an Old Age Home, but most of their month rent is more than my current income – and their rents will have to go up due to the horrific cost of living increase. My income will not increase, except if SASSA can increase their monthly stipend. So while it is a little nerve-wracking to live alone, and not cook, its what I can afford right now.

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