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In the latest podcast, Consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler, joins Pippa Hudson from Cape Talk
to discuss senior discounts and an interview with Marilyn Hallett from You’ve Earned It/YEI

Several of the following podcasts are the work of Mariette Snyman,
an award-winning journalist, with whom YEI collaborates on a regular basis.
Mariette Snyman chats to many experts in a variety of fields and areas,
the topics of which will inform, assist and inspire you.

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cape talk podcast on pensioner deals
Consumer Talk with Wendy Knowler and Pippa Hudson, Cape Talk
Consumer journalist, Wendy Knowler, joins Pippa Hudson to discuss senior discounts and an interview with Marilyn Hallett from You’ve Earned It/YEI, a national digital media platform for South African 60-plussers
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prostate cancerpodcast with mariette strydom
Navigating prostate cancer: what I’ve learntCan your sensory profile affect your mental health?
Prostate cancer is one of the most daunting challenges a man can face. Elred Lawrence candidly shares his experience of the diagnosis, decision-making process, eventual prostatectomy, and living an adventurous and joyous life ever since. He highlights facing serious concerns like possible erectile dysfunction and incontinence, the importance of garnering emotional support, and finding the courage to deal with an illness jeopardising “what makes one a man”.Does hyper- or hyposensitivity cause you to feel overwhelmed or under-stimulated in environments others may find normal? Psychologist Luricka Fick considers whether mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety and risk-taking behaviour, may point to sensory integration issues. She discusses the role dopamine plays in over- and under-responsiveness, and the benefits of a sensory integration assessment.
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podcasts with yeiHope restored: how Emotional Logic helps you befriend your emotions
Reaching for the stars after five years of ill healthHope restored: how Emotional Logic helps you befriend your emotions
Award-winning journalist, Mariette Snyman, speaks to YEI Editor, Marilyn Hallett, on “Reaching for the stars after five years of ill health”Do you trust your emotions? Social worker Annette de la Porte explains how Emotional Logic provides a visual map for understanding our emotions. By reframing unpleasant emotions as indicators of a violation of our values, we are able to process our pain. Emotional Logic is a coaching process taking individuals and groups from confusion to clarity.
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podcasts about ageingpodcasts about ageing
Shifting conversations about ageing retirement, ageism and intergenerational programmingIs dementia a disease of the brain - and not the soul?
Worldwide, population dynamics are changing. Prof. Jaco Hoffman invites us to look at growing older with fresh eyes, challenging concepts like ageism and retirement. Citing scientific research findings, Jaco encourages a pro-ageing attitude, adaptive ageing, and beneficial initiatives such as intergenerational programming.How can you communicate with someone living with cognitive impairment in a way that benefits both you and them? Dr. Rayne Stroebel clarifies the World Health Organisation’s view that the consciousness of individuals with dementia is never lost. Have a listen to this fascinating podcast
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The 4 portfolios of positive living and ageingEcopsychology: what nature can do for us and we for her
Growing older can impact every aspect of our lives. Counselling psychologist Dr Hannetjie van Zyl-Edeling discusses research findings and practical ways to optimise our physical, psychological, financial and social “portfolios” to ensure quality of life in our later years. She mentions the rectangularisation of ageing, our 6 crucial needs, being proactive, savouring life, and having fun!Clinical psychologist Jeffrey Rink’s love of psychotherapy, nature, traditional African culture, symbolism and meditation come together in his intimate wilderness retreats. Don’t miss his stories about the mopani trees, elephant dung and termitaria – they inform and delight! Jeffrey explains what Ecopsychology is, how a sense of humour features on Ecopsychology Africa retreats, and how meaningful personal transformation takes place.
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podcast about caregivingpodcast about loadshedding
Caregivers: prioritising yourself while caring for othersDiscovering your power in the dark: load shedding & other challenges
Individuals caring for a loved one or someone with a challenging condition often neglect their own well-being. This can result in exhaustion on top of experiencing fear, anxiety and even guilt. Caregiver advocate Meriam Boldewijn explains how a simple self-care system can help caregivers regain their balance and realise that they are “worthy of a wonderful life too.”South Africans are daily plunged into the dark by intermittent electricity supply – but have we been robbed of our inner energy? Rudi Swanepoel explains how we can channel our personal power in a solution-focused way, the benefits of harnessing group energy, and how parents can use their energy to empower their children - in particular the parents of teens and young adults.
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podcast on anxietypodcast about being an empath
Different types of anxiety: recognising them and finding reliefAre YOU an empath?
Experiencing anxiety is not a “choice”. One in four people has genetics for disorders such as generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Clinical psychologist Dr. Colinda Linde clarifies these conditions, their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, including medication and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: a collaborative, research-based intervention.Do you feel others’ emotions in your body? Are you sometimes called “too sensitive”? Master transformation coach Liezl Thom explains how this gift can become a curse – but that awareness of what’s going on, realising that you can choose not to experience others’ feelings, and learning how to close yourself off when necessary will transform you into an empowered empath.
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how to slow down ageing
Did you know there are approximately seven million 60-plussers in South Africa?How to slow down ageing: Blue Zones and nutrigenomics
Discussing the potential and challenges of this demographic, social entrepreneur and YEI Editor, Marilyn Hallett, highlights a sensible approach to technical, financial, housing as well as physical and mental health difficulties. She encourages individuals to start a second career after retirement and points them to relevant information, senior citizen discounts, savings and benefits.What’s the secret behind the healthy centenarians of the Blue Zone areas? Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses connectivity, natural movement, down-shifting, a diet rich in bio-actives, and other factors contributing to these individuals’ well-being. Her practical tips can help you incorporate some of these habits into your life.
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the lyno method
Understanding functional medicine and its benefitsThe Lyno Method: addressing chronic pain and injuries by releasing unresolved trauma
Functional medicine, an individualised approach that treats not by symptom but by cause, leads to more lasting results. Functional medicine health coach Anita Hamilton-Williams discusses its success regarding chronic conditions; its focus on genetics, biochemistry, nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour changes; and why genetics needn’t determine our disease profile. She mentions the tests she uses, case studies, and good news concerning ageing.Did you know that unresolved physical and emotional trauma can cause chronic pain and recurring injuries? Physiotherapist Benita Kropman explains how the Lyno® Method identifies and facilitates the release of fascia restrictions by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, restoring mobility to individuals including athletes, babies, and the elderly.
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