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Packing up your home must be right up there
in the Top 10 of dreaded tasks.
Apart from being completely time-consuming,
it is a tedious task of note!

Check out these tips that will make this task a little less arduous!


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Paper plates

Purchase a pack or two of paper plates.  Place a paper plate between your plates, so they don’t rub together when packed in a box.  The whole stack can then be wrapped in protective wrapping, like bubble wrap or newspaper, and placed in a box.

Save on protective wrapping – by using clothes

Instead of using protective wrapping, save on costs by using your clothing.  Put socks in drinking glasses!  Maybe just wash the glasses at your destination 🙂

Make your own air pillows

Air pillows are extremely useful for cushioning when packing.  Buy a couple of packets of ziplock bags which can be reused afterwards.  Blow into the ziplock bag and seal it – Tra La!  You’ve made your own air pillow!

Nest your packing

Pack items inside other items, even if they don’t go in the same room.  For example, small ornaments can go inside large pots.  Stash items inside the microwave and fridge.  Just make sure you make a note of where everything is on your packing masterlist.

Use magazines, not newspaper

Why?  Newspaper can transfer ink on to your possessions.  There are advantages to using pages from magazines – the paper is thicker, thereby offering more protection, and the ink does not transfer as easily as the ink from a newspaper.

Label or colour code your boxes

Label all of your boxes, and write up a packing masterlist, indicating which box is for which room.  Alternatively, you can colour code your boxes, using stickers.  Different colours for different rooms people or breakables.

Plan your move and save your recycling

When you know the move is on the cards, start saving your recycling such as plastic shopping bags, toilet roll inners, carlton towel inners and egg cartons. Ask you family and friends to save these items for you as well.  Egg cartons keep jewellery untangled. Plastic bags are great for wedging into gaps to stop items shifting. Toilet roll inners are perfect cable holders.

Make box handles

If you are using cardboard boxes, cut a V in either side near the top and fold the flap of cardboard inwards to form an inverted triangle hole. This forms the perfect handle for carrying the box.

Consider using furniture blankets

Furniture padding, also known as moving or furniture blankets, are thick coverings used to protect large items when moving. Professional movers typically wrap and cover vulnerable or fragile pieces of furniture with furniture padding in order to prevent damage to the item while it’s being moved in and out of a house. Furniture blankets are a mover’s best friend. They’re inexpensive and can be reused (think pet blankets) or donated afterwards. Use them for wrapping art, mirrors, chairs and other furniture. They can be placed under furniture or between items in the truck. Also, use as dust covers during transit.


Article provided by Ecobox
A single, convenient source for all the moving supplies that South Africans need, while continuing to promote an environmentally responsible approach to moving and packing supplies.



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