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The winter months often cause a lack of energy as the colder weather sets in. The drier conditions in some provinces can also wreak havoc on allergies and dry skin.

However, some of these changes in your health might indicate that your body is lacking certain vital vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin deficiency


Here’s how to easily spot the signs of a vitamin deficiency.


Clicks Pharmacist Waheed Abdurahman says that the following symptoms are tell-tale signs that you may have a vitamin deficiency:

– Chronic fatigue or tiredness in trying to just complete your daily tasks.

– Frequent infection-related illnesses.

– Taking long to recover from minor conditions such as the common cold.

– Brittle or dull hair or nails.

– Forgetfulness or difficulty in cognitive functions.

– Difficulty in passing urine or reduced libido.

– Weight gain.

– Inability to take part in regular exercise.


If you notice any of the above symptoms lasting for a few days, click here to book an appointment at a Clicks Clinic for advice on what your body could be lacking.


Extra protection

For optimal winter health, Waheed also strongly suggests that you get the following vaccines at your nearest Clicks Clinic.

1. Covid Vaccine as per the schedule including the booster dose.

2. The Flu Vaccine for 2022, which is the 4 –strain version.

3. Pneumonia Vaccine for adults over 50 and those with co-morbidities over 18 years of age



(Original article appeared on the Clicks website. Click here to read the article)


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