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It’s National Wills Week
from 13 – 17  September 2021.
However, YEI members can get a will drawn up
at no cost, any day, any week, any month
with Proactive Wills & Estates


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Peace of mind

Having a Will gives you peace of mind.  It streamlines the winding up of your estate and makes sure your wishes are carried out.  It also is a time to take stock of your financial position and gives you an opportunity to remedy any shortfalls or problems.  You can also clarify matters, ask questions and clear up any misconceptions as to the devolution/distribution of your assets.  This is particularly important if you have minor children, have been divorced or are married in community of property.  Knowing beforehand what the law entails, gives you an opportunity to plan your affairs to suit your beneficiaries. 

Minor children

If you have minor children you can set up a Trust for them in your Will.  In this way, you make sure that they are financially cared for and have access to funds for their maintenance with the minimum of fuss.  If you die without a Will, and you have minor beneficiaries, any monies due to them must be placed in the Guardians Fund at the Master of the High Court.  This can only be accessed on their behalf by their legal guardian who has to fill out various forms and provide supporting documentation every time they apply for funds.  This can be avoided if a Trustee is appointed, who will make the necessary arrangements for payment of maintenance to their guardian, with a minimum of fuss and paperwork.


Also included in your Will, is the appointment of your Executor, who is the person who handles the administration of your estate.  Once a person dies, their assets are frozen and cannot be dealt with until an Executor is appointed by the Master of the High Court.  This delay is shortened if you have a Will appointing an executor.

Bereavement is a stressful time for everyone and you can make it easier by having a Will.  Your loved ones then have someone trustworthy to turn to for advice and support, who will guide them through the process and handle all the paperwork. 


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