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Momentum dont be fooled by scammers

Safeguarding your personal safety includes your cyber safety


Momentum Insure is committed to more than just keeping your belongings safe, we strive to keep you, your loved ones, and your personal information safe too. There are two scams that are doing the rounds that you need to be aware of and take the necessary precautions to protect your personal safety.


SMS scam

In this scam, criminals are posing as “credit department” personnel from a bank, advising that the recipient needs to confirm a particular transaction to prevent fraud on their account.

A link is sent to the recipient via SMS and once the recipient clicks on the link, a transaction goes off from the recipient’s account.

Because this scam does not constitute credit card fraud, by definition, it will impact your claim negatively because the recipient or the client “authorises” the transaction by clicking the link on the SMS.

Always remember the following when you receive an SMS:

  • Always be aware of strange messages, and phone numbers you do not know that message you randomly.
  • You should be suspicious of an SMS handing out free gifts and prizes.
  • Remember to NEVER click links or attachments in suspicious messages


 Fake proof of payment

 In these scams, criminals are responding to online adverts for the sale of laptops, vehicles and submitting fake proofs of payment to the sellers. Claims of this nature might be rejected as this is a policy exclusion.

These criminals are becoming increasingly creative, so we encourage you to please confirm with your bank if the payment was received, before handing over any of your possessions.


Tips on how to be cyber safe


  1. For transactions: If you get a call from someone at a bank, ask to be called back, and contact your bank immediately to verify the nature of the call.
  2. When engaging with a seller: Run a quick search on social media on the seller, to verify their identity before engaging with him/her face to face. On that note, you must also be aware that some scamsters go through great lengths to appear legitimate so you may have to take the time to delve deeper.
  3. Take a moment: Do not allow yourself to be pressured into making upfront payments, especially in a scenario where your sympathy is being played on.
  4. If it is too good: Never forget the golden rule that “if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.”


Knowing how to safeguard your personal safety will give you confidence on your journey to success.


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