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collage of books which are in the hamper to win from jonathan ball publishers


Stand the chance to WIN this lovely hamper of books for your grandchildren
from Jonathan Ball Publishers


This hamper includes the following …….


Virtually Christmas – David Baddiel, Illustrated by Steven Lenton

The Tiger Who Came To Tea Jigsaw Book – Judith Kerr

Jujuland: Koku Akanbi and the Heart of Midnight Book1 – Maria Mtunrayo Adebisi

The World’s Worst Monsters – David Walliams, Illustrated by Adam Stower

How the Grinch Lost Christmas! A sequel to How the Grinch Stole Christmas – Dr Seuss, Text by Alastair Heim, Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz


Details on each book can be seen below
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Closing date for entries:  13 December 2023


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virtually christmasVirtually Christmas

David Baddiel, Illustrated by Steven Lenton

The HILARIOUS new novel and the year’s most perfect festive gift – from million-copy bestselling author David Baddiel
It used to be the most WONDERFUL time of the year, but for years Christmas has been taken over by Winterzone.
All the things that made Christmas special are gone: the human connection, the baubles passed down through generations, even the rubbish cracker jokes.
Instead, Christmas is run by robots, while 3D holograms of Santa Claus called Santavatars check if you’ve been naughty or nice – and on Christmas Eve, all of the presents are delivered by ZoneDrones instead of Santa’s reindeer!
But when they stumble on a curious clue, eleven-year-old Etta and her friend Monty find themselves thrown into a fight to bring back Christmas. Racing against time and against the might of Winterzone, they must find the real Santa – before the true meaning of the festive season is lost forever . . .


ISBN: 9780008334314

RRP: R200

BUY ONLINE: Jonathan Ball Publishers

the tiger who came to teaThe Tiger Who Came To Tea Jigsaw Book

Judith Kerr

A brilliant new interactive gift book featuring Judith Kerr’s beloved story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea!
Featuring Judith Kerr’s best-loved story, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, this brilliant jigsaw book enables young readers to get closer than ever to this timeless tale.
Containing six 12-piece jigsaw puzzles accompanied by the complete story, celebrate the magic of teatime anew with this exciting interactive gift book.
Read the story, complete the puzzles and enjoy these classic illustrations again and again. Bound to keep even the tiniest tigers busy!





ISBN: 9780008587741

RRP: R445

BUY ONLINE: Jonathan Ball Publishers


koko akanbi and the heart of midnightJujuland: Koku Akanbi and the Heart of Midnight Book1

Maria Mtunrayo Adebisi

When Koku accidentally unleashes an ancient demon on a school trip, he must enter the magical world of Olori to claim his power. Full of action, magic, and eye-catching comic book-style illustrations, this 9+ series draws on West African mythology and is perfect for fans of Amari and the Night Brothers, Percy Jackson, and Dragon Mountain.

After cynical thirteen year-old orphan Koku accidentally releases a demon on a trip to the British Museum, his uncle sends him to Olori, the West African land of origins, for the summer. Cursed with a weird name and an illness to match, Koku thinks life can’t get any worse. His sickle cell anaemia has always left him feeling unwanted and powerless, and now he’s being parcelled off to a country he barely remembers. But when Koku arrives in Olori, he finds himself in a land of endless sun and powerful magical tribes – and on the wrong side of a war. The ruling Ogún tribe is trying to destroy the night, and the magical creatures who need it, forever. As the last living descendent of the darkness-controlling Olókun tribe, Koku is the only one who can stop them. Accompanied by Moremi, a martial artist with an anger problem, and Osoosi, a shapeshifter who spends half of her time as a hyena, Koku must venture into the dangerous jungle of Jujuland to master his powers, find the powerful talisman called the Heart of Olókun and restore Night to Olori. But he’ll have to move fast, because a teenaged assassin with a soul-swallowing sword is on his tail… and if the night disappears, then so will he.

ISBN: 9781510111431

RRP: R220

BUY ONLINE: Jonathan Ball Publishers


how the grinch lost christmasHow the Grinch Lost Christmas! A sequel to How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr Seuss, Text by Alastair Heim, Illustrated by Aristides Ruiz

The Grinch’s newfound Christmas spirit is in jeopardy with the arrival of the Whoville’s Christmas tree competition, but can one special Who remind him of what’s really important? A sequel to the timeless classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! featuring all your favourite characters!
The Grinch has grown to LOVE Christmas, so when the Grinch sees a poster for Who-ville’s Christmas tree contest, he has an awfully crafty idea… he will show off his new festive spirit by making the tallest, most spectacular Christmas tree the Whos have ever seen! But when things don’t go as planned, will the Grinch return to his grinchy ways, or can one special Who remind him of the true meaning of Christmas? Celebrate the season alongside all your favourite characters with this sequel to the timeless classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas!



ISBN: 9780593434390

RRP: R399

BUY ONLINE: Jonathan Ball Publishers


worlds worst monstersThe World’s Worst Monsters

David Walliams, Illustrated by Adam Stower

Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS?
The beloved World’s Worst series has captivated millions of readers. You’ve met the world’s worst children, the world’s worst parents, the world’s worst teachers and the world’s worst pets – but are you ready for the world’s worst monsters?
If you don’t like ghosts, ogres, zombies, vampires, aliens, werewolves or mummies, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. 
Laugh along to these ten terrifying tales of marvellous monsters, brought to you by David Walliams, and illustrated in glorious technicolour by Adam Stower.
The World’s Worst Pets was the bestselling children’s book of 2022 (TCM Chart, 27 December 2022). David Walliams was most recently Children’s number one bestseller with Robodog (TCM Chart, 11
April 2023).



ISBN: 978000858163-3

RRP: R295

BUY ONLINE: Jonathan Ball Publishers



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