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Mango Airlines – Adspace A – Oct 2015 to March 2016 onwards

Company Listings Registration


Premium Gold Listing Registration Form


A Premium Gold Listing in the YEI Directory will receive the following great value at a cost of only R1200 for the year:


Premium Gold Listing in the YEI Directory

Included in the Premium Gold Listing is a 250-word description of your business, your business logo, details of your pensioner discount/offering,  full contact details and up to two relevant images

Click here to see an example of a Premium Gold Listing


Feature on the YEI Facebook page –  posts and boost

  • A Premium Gold Listing will be posted on the YEI Facebook page four times during the course of the contract
  • YEI will boost your business to potential customers for your business from the YEI Facebook page to Facebook, either nationally, to your selected province or locally within a 25 km radius of your business location – once during the course of the contract

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Listing featured in “Great Deals” article in YEI newsletter

  • A Premium Gold Listing will be featured four times during the course of the contract in the regular “Great Deals” article  in the fortnightly YEI newsletter

Click here to see an example of a “Great Deals” article


YEI sticker

A YEI sticker to be placed in your business/shop/window/reception – this will be mailed to you.


Enquiries and comments

All enquiries and/or comments from potential customers will be forwarded to you timeously.




Please note that as a YEI advertiser,
you will be sent the fortnightly newsletter and advertiser mailers


 To list as a Premium Gold Listing
in the YEI Directory, please complete the form below:



* Mandatory



Invoice and banking details

  • An invoice will be submitted to you via email once we receive the completed form.
  • Please send the POP (proof of payment) to info@youve-earned-it.co.za
    Please use the name of your business as the reference in the POP.
  • Your listing will be published in the YEI Directory after submission and receipt of POP.
  • Please see banking details below.
  • Please note that no listing will be uploaded on to the YEI website until such time as the listing fee has been paid in full.
  • Once the listing has been paid and uploaded, YEI will be in contact with you regarding the advertising of your business on the YEI  platform.


Banking details:

Account holder: You’ve Earned It (Pty) Ltd
Bank: ABSA
Account no: 926 363 7746
Branch: Tokai
Branch code: 632 005


Please note: YEI reserves the sole right to accept or reject listings and/or content in its entirety at our sole discretion and without explanation, if we believe that such listing or content may be detrimental to the welfare of our readers and/or is not suitable as the type of benefits/discounts/services which we aim and/or are allowed to list. YEI’s focus is on actual and factual products/benefits/discounts (for example, discount on accommodation etc.), and not risk-related products or adverts that hold a promise which may pose a risk to our clients’ welfare if the promise is not met. As YEI has a general duty of care towards its clients, YEI reserves the sole right to remove, suspend or discontinue the listing of any company who discontinues their benefit or discount or fails in their offering to the YEI market – at our sole discretion and without explanation. YEI undertakes not to sell or share the information to any third party, but companies that are part of the listings, should note that information supplied by yourselves will be visible to registered YEI members. Please refer to YEI’s Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions prior to submitting this free company listing registration form.