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A Premium Gold Listing in the YEI Directory
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Premium Gold Listing great value and benefits

Premium Gold Listing in the
YEI Directory

Included in the Premium Gold Listing is a 250-word description of your business, your business logo, details of your pensioner discount/offering,  full contact details and up to two relevant images

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Posts on the YEI Facebook page

A Premium Gold Listing will be posted on the YEI Facebook page four times during the course of the contract

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Listing featured in “Great Deals” article in YEI newsletter

A Premium Gold Listing will be featured four times during the course of the contract in the regular “Great Deals” article  in the fortnightly YEI newsletter (see Archive of YEI newsletters)

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YEI logo and link

Let us know if you would like to include a YEI logo and link on your website and/or Facebook page.  The YEI logo and link demonstrate that your business is affiliated to YEI and therefore offers South African seniors, retirees and pensioners great value.  Quality outbound links increase the trust and quality of your site and assist in increasing your search engine ranking  and is one of the most productive ways to grow organic search traffic.


Enquiries and comments

All enquiries and/or comments from potential customers/leads are automated and will be forwarded to you timeously.


Competitions on YEI

Receive great additional exposure and brand awareness on YEI when running a competition geared at South African seniors  –  AND, at no extra cost to your business!!   Chat to us about this…


Your special offers and blog posts

In addition, speak to us about posting your special offers and blog posts on the YEI Facebook page.  Generate leads, receive additional exposure and brand awareness on YEI when advertising to this amazing niche target market of South African over-60s.


Highly recommended optional extra:


Facebook boosts

Facebook boosts: YEI can boost your business to potential customers via the YEI Facebook page.  We will guide you, but it’s your call.  We suggest a minimum of R200 per boosted post.  We will target tightly so your spend is focused at the right people in the right places. Please note that the boosting value you stipulate will be added to the listing cost of R1 400 per annum.  YEI is receiving great results when boosting.


Please note:

  • An invoice will be submitted to you via email once we receive the completed form.
  • Your listing will be published in the YEI Directory after submission and receipt of POP.
  • Please note that no listing will be uploaded on to the YEI website until such time as the listing fee has been paid in full.
  • Once the listing has been paid and uploaded, YEI will be in contact with you regarding the advertising of your business on the YEI  platform.


Please note: YEI reserves the sole right to accept or reject listings and/or content in its entirety at our sole discretion and without explanation, if we believe that such listing or content may be detrimental to the welfare of our readers and/or is not suitable as the type of benefits/discounts/services which we aim and/or are allowed to list. YEI’s focus is on actual and factual products/benefits/discounts (for example, discount on accommodation etc.), and not risk-related products or adverts that hold a promise which may pose a risk to our clients’ welfare if the promise is not met. As YEI has a general duty of care towards its clients, YEI reserves the sole right to remove, suspend or discontinue the listing of any company who discontinues their benefit or discount or fails in their offering to the YEI market – at our sole discretion and without explanation. YEI undertakes not to sell or share the information to any third party, but companies that are part of the listings, should note that information supplied by yourselves will be visible to registered YEI members. Please refer to YEI’s Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions prior to submitting this free company listing registration form.


Client testimonials


Mango Airlines

One of our important market segments has been the YEI reader and, at this point, we would like to express our appreciation for your continued support.


Bidvest Car Rental

Thank you for all you are doing for our brand, I am just loving working with YEI. It’s a pleasure dealing with you guys, you are so accommodating and we are loving the feedback and business we are getting from YEI.


Silver Fit

We have really enjoyed working with a platform that celebrates older adults, embracing ageing and works with us to build a good community with Silver Fit. YEI is always organised and ecient which makes it really easy to work together in writing articles for a targeted audience.


All Sorted

I am loving being part of this family, so yes! Please sign me up for another year.