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Being able to just pick up and go travelling
is one of the perks of retirement.
 many grow older, they develop a passion for travelling, not only the world, but also our lovely country.  

Seniors should however take into account all aspects
of travelling if the trip is to be a successful one.

These practical tips by our own Tech Tim can help Seniors  be prepared for any Tech emergencies on their travels. 






Just because you are on holiday don’t expect that the crooks are too, in fact sometimes tourists are targeted for their high value items and while it’s important not to become too concerned it is important to take a few steps to protect yourself

  • Travelers make good targets so don’t leave your devices out in the open on a restaurant table.

  • While it may be nice to get free access to the internet via a coffee shop or mall remember that’s these places do not always have the best security so think twice about doing things like your online banking in public.

  • You may be using unknown WIFI networks while you travel, so change your passwords for your banking, e-mail addresses etc  both before you leave and when you come back. This will give you a measure of protection.

  • Make sure that before you travel that your anti-viruses are up to date. See Tech-Tim’s article on anti-viruses here

  • Buy insurance for your devices. The unexpected can happen, devices can get stolen, your cell phone can fall and break.

  • Don’t trust your tech completely. Keep spare copies of your important documents or even scan them before hand and save to the cloud to access if needed.




  • It is a worthwhile investment to get yourself a decent screen protector and cover for your cell phone, they may save you a lot of hassles.

  • You may want to take a spare charger or an adapter depending on if you want to travel out of South Africa.

  • Remember that Toiletries and Tech don’t mix so ensure that all your Tech (laptops, tablets, kindles etc) are either packed and carried totally separately or are put into bags or packets to seal them. It is a good idea to put all liquids into their own bags as well, you don’t want your face cream all over that stunning new dress you bought for your holiday.

  • If tragedy strikes and your device falls into water or gets wet, power down immediately and put in a sealed bag of rice for a few days to dry out. Ask a trusted friend or the reception at your accommodation for referrals to get someone to assist if needed.

  • Invest in a good quality battery pack or car charger, there is nothing worse that running out of battery just when that whale jumps out of the water or needing your cell phone during an emergency.

  • Research travel apps for your country of choice and download before hand. Many South Africans use Google maps or Waze to navigate our country.


And as a final tip, if you have any doubts or problems along the way ask a trusted source to assist, the reception at your hotel or a trusted family member who can either help or refer you to someone who can assist.



If you have a question for Tech Tim,
please complete the form below.

Please note that “Tech Tim” cannot supply immediate or 24/7 assistance.
If you are urgently needing assistance,
please contact an IT company in your area
or contact your children or grandchildren who may be able to assist



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