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YEI’s very first Boomer Zoomer meeting

Posted By Angela W / June 5, 2021 / 0 Comments


Thank you to all those that attended our very first Boomer Zoomer meeting!
It was wonderful to meet you and to chat to you!


To those of you who registered,
but were unable to attend due to loadshedding or the change in time,
we are sorry that you could not attend.


At the Boomer Zoomer meeting,
we did ask some questions and would appreciate your feedback.


Please complete the polls below
in order for us to implement the most popular ideas



  • Finance

    We see educational financial articles as critical and only feature financial articles written by experts in the industry.

  • Ideas for supplementing your income

    I think most of us expect that our living costs will go down after retirement and generally, that is the case.  What does shock most of us is that the cost of living shoots up, not year after year, but almost on a monthly basis.  Healthcare costs, housing, transportation, the cost of food, utilities, all the essentials that we have to fork out on.   I think we all need all the retirement income we can get.  It will be interesting to see your thoughts on this.

  • Stories on senior entrepreneurs

    Would you like to be inspired by stories on senior entrepreneurs? The benefits and challenges of running a business after 50.   In some cases, senior entrepreneurs are  powering the economy, and in the United States, the highest rate of entrepreneurship is amongst the 55-64 year old age group  Research also shows that people over the age of 55 are twice as likely to launch successful new businesses than those in the younger age group.  And what contributes to this success – it’s your experience, your skills, your knowledge, all of which create a great foundation for senior entrepreneurship.

  • Women’s and men’s healthcare and fitness

    Healthcare seems to change as we age.  The challenge is to maximize the good parts of getting older while taking proactive steps to maintain your health and minimize the negative aspects.  And there has never been a more important time to look after our health and particularly our immune system, given the current pandemic challenges.

  • Retirement accommodation options

    This is a time of our lives when the “big” question arises.  What to do and where we live in retirement?  Do we downsize?  Do we age in place and take into account the care we may need as we age?  Do we want to learn about the difference between life rights and sectional title?  What is the good, the bad and the ugly about retirement villages?   Can we afford retirement villages?  These are some of the topics that we plan to get the experts to answer.

  • Travel-related articles

    Travel has always been particularly popular on YEI.  Sadly, the pandemic has affected many victims in the travel and hospitality industry.  Our thoughts are to focus on local travel for the time being, and there are some wonderful places out there to go to, and many that we are currently exploring.  So, is this something you would like to see?

  • Retirement challenges

    60-plussers come with their own set of unique challenges.  Even starting out in retirement – did you know that 40% of retirees suffer from specific retirement depression.  That’s a big number.  Health care costs is a huge retirement challenge.  Having inadequate savings because of longevity.  The empty nest syndrome.  Maintaining an income stream.  And so the list goes on…

  • Home Hints and tips (to help save pension)

    This has previously been very popular.  Any hints and tips that can save a rand or three is worthwhile, and this is something that our readers seem to enjoy.


Thank you for your participation!
We look forward to meeting with you at our next meeting!



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