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 You’ve Earned It/YEI,
the digital media platform for SA 60-plussers

Festive Season Promotion

This promotion will give your organisation
maximum reach to the 60-plus senior market.


Should you wish to consider an alternative cost-effective, tailormade package
that is just right for you,
let us know and we will make it happen!

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Why You’ve Earned It/YEI?

  • You’ve Earned It is the digital media platform for South African 60-plussers
  • YEI produces thought-leadership, relevant, informative and meaningful content specifically geared at SA’s 60-plussers, and addressing the pain points of this demographic
  • YEI has the most comprehensive platform offering services and benefits to 60-plussers

How YEI can assist you

  • YEI gives you the opportunity to run brand awareness campaigns with maximum exposure to a large senior audience.. 
  • In this Longevity economy, 60-plussers are deemed to be one of the highest contributing sectors of society.  This is a powerful market for brands, growing both in number and value, in terms of its consumer potential. 
  • A digital marketing campaign is a key opportunity to expand engagement with a very valuable senior audience,

YEI Reach

  • Enjoy a reach to 104 000+ 60-plussers, including 20 000 newsletter subscribers
  • Reach of 25 000 to 60 000 per month on social media
  • 25 000 to 55 000 unique page views per month

YEI platform:

You’ve Earned It – the digital media platform for SA 60-plussers



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