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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 5 February 2020

Posted By Marilynh / February 4, 2020 / 1 Comment

Phew!  What a start to 2020!  

Let’s look at News for seniors – local, international,
and YEI specific. 

Highlights include Editor’s choice of pensioners deals,
top Facebook posts, competition winners and more…


Editor desk - 1200


Greetings YEI readers 

What a start to 2020!  One month in, and we reflect on the first month of the New Decade.  It felt as though we were on the brink of World War III.   Followed by a deadly air crash.  A deadly coronavirus outbreak has affected nearly 15,000 people worldwide (at time of writing).  Australian wildfires caused havoc down under with the tragic death of millions of wildlife, and are still an issue.  A legend died in a helicopter crash.  Major drama has hit the Royal Family.  And Eskom, has brought new meaning to the Simon and Garfunkel hit “Hello darkness, my old friend”.  Phew, this is quite a start. 


Let’s look at YEI news 

Pensioners have been querying the ages and percentage discounts of pensioner deals, specifically after the showcasing of a new great pensioner offer. 

YEI’s response:  Pensioner deals, discounts, savings and benefits have always varied in age, percentage and the day/s on which it is offered.  Which is why we have the YEI Directory – to bring into clarity the diversity of what is on offer in the world of seniors.  Some pensioner deals start at 55, others at 60, others at 65, and there are some that start at 70 (SABC TV Licence). The percentages vary as well – from 5% discount right up to 50%.  The timing varies – some organisations offer a pensioner deal once a week, possibly, once a month.  Some organisations offer the pensioner deal more frequently.   Many organisations offer pensioner discounts mid-week and out-of-season, mostly because these are the less busy times.  The age, percentage and timing of a pensioner discount is at the discretion of the organisation, should they be willing to offer such a benefit.  And organisations/businesses/retailers are not beholden to offer this perk to South African seniors.   


YEI’s favourite senior tip of the week 

Interesting advice from a YEI member, Moira C, regarding credit cards:

Please warn YEI members not to cancel their credit card/s. Once you are in your 60’s, banks will not give you a credit card (maybe they are scared we’ll die without paying our debts? 😂). So you can’t go to a different bank for a credit card, but if you already have one, hang on to it.

Do you agree? Have you had such an experience?


Editor’s choice this fortnight
– pensioner deals for SA over-55s


Spur Steak Ranches cater for senior citizens – click here to find out more..


Alexander Forbes 55 Plus – click here to find out more..


Orion Hotels – click here to find out more..


A bit of fun and challenges from the
YEI Facebook page   

Happy Birthday to Tom Selleck – 75 today
– click here to read more

So here’s a challenge for YEI readers – could you be persuaded to learn the art of knitting beanies for teenies? Or maybe this is something you already do?  An 86-year-old grandfather taught himself to knit, just so he could make dozens of woolly hats for premature babies at an Atlanta hospital in the US. Kudos to you, Ed Moseley!
Click here to read more

Are you a struggling pensioner?
We, at You’ve Earned It, are currently researching and writing an article, and would like to hear some of your stories. If you are happy to share your story with us, please email us at info@youve-earned-it.co.za and let us have your contact details i.e. phone/email. We will speak to you on the phone and via email.
Click here

 Please note that you will only be able to connect to these links if you are a Facebook user.


Reviews on the YEI Facebook page

It has fantastic discounts thank you YEI
Maurice M

It is just great.  Wonderful discounts..  Awesome Thank you YEI
Jessica J

Such a treasure to have YOU’VE EARNED IT.😁
Antoinette R


If you wish to post a review on YEI on the YEI Facebook page, here are the steps to follow:

  • Click here to go directly to the You’ve Earned ItReviews page
  • You will see a box saying – Would you recommend You’ve Earned It – Pensioner discounts, deals and benefits?
  • If you would like to recommend YEI, you click on “Yes”
  • A pop up box will appear saying “What do you recommend about YEI..?”
  • You simply write your recommendation in this box
  • Then click “Post”
  • Your own individual recommendation will appear on the YEI Facebook page.


#WINNERS – YEI Competitions

 Congratulations to our YEI winners!

Elmarie Keen – winner of tickets to see Yo-Yo Ma in concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens

Jen Strzalkowski winner of the book Saving the Last Rhinos


Click here to read the online book reviews on YEI!

Click here to see winners’ names on the YEI website

Click here to see more great competitions on WIN with YEI

Click here to read the feedback from YEI members and YEI winners


What’s On 

Click here to get all the details for the Cape Town Concert Series, Unplugged, upcoming shows such as The Cape Getaway Show 2020, Marvel Universe Live, Yo-Yo Ma, Slava’s Snow show and Disney on Ice 2020.


And here’s a chuckle that we shared with
YEI Facebook fans, that was well received –


Time for a chuckle!
For bragging rights, let’s see who comes up with the best caption….


Ladies on highway



Until next month…


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team

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One Comment

  • John Hegers
    February 5, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    I know this might be a difficult or unusual request , but the state of the economy, us pensioners are finding it hard to make ends meet and the priced of everything including taking the dog to the vet is becoming extremely expensive’ our fur child had a apsis in his one eye and had to be removed at a cost of over R3000.
    So what i am trying to establish if there are any insurance companies who does pet insurance that provide a discount for pensioners

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