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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 20 March 2018

Posted By Marilynh / March 20, 2018 / 1 Comment

From the Editor's desk



Greetings YEI readers


YEI:  Looking for a Sales Consultant


YEI, an online retirement lifestyle platform for South African over-60s, with a primary focus on savings and benefits for SA seniors, retirees and pensioners, is looking for a Sales Consultant who loves, and has experience in, online advertising/marketing.  If you think you fit the bill, then we invite you to click here to take a look.  Don’t hesitate in alerting family members or friends to this opportunity, if you believe it could be right for them.


Become a YEI Ambassador, and supplement your pension/income


Do you love chatting to your local butcher, baker or candlestick maker?  Find out if they offer a pensioner discount, saving or benefit, and if so, let us know.  As a YEI Ambassador, you can earn a Finder’s Fee while supplementing your pension/income at the same time!  Sounds do-able?
Click here for more information.


YEI Facebook page


YEI was recently contacted by a national magazine, asking if YEI had any readers who had made a big change at the age of 49, 59 or 69.  As we were in-between newsletters, we put the call out on the YEI Facebook page.  If you have not already “liked” the YEI Facebook page, we encourage you to do so, so you don’t miss out on opportunities like these.  If we are in between newsletters, and have information to share with you, the YEI Facebook page is the forum where we will do this. 


Looking for a great gift for a special senior in your life?


Such a special gift and a great bucket list activity.  An Open Air Massage with a view!
Click here for more details.


My Treasury offers to find the best rates for you


Click here to check out the FREE savings optimizer which efficiently assists you to find the best savings account, offering you the highest interest rate.
This can be found on the YEI Finance page – scroll down towards the bottom of the page. 


YEI Directory


There still seems to be some uncertainty from some readers as to where the YEI Directory is situated on the YEI website.  The YEI Directory is actually very clear to see.  Please click on the YEI homepage, and  have a browse using the location and categories drop-down facilities.  Don’t forget to click “search” for the results of your browse.  When your search results appear, click “100” in the count button to see the maximum number of results in the search.

Here are two articles on how to use the YEI Directory effectively and to your benefit. 

How to use the YEI Directory, and the benefits of browsing the YEI Directory – click here


How to use the YEI Directory effectively in specific searches – click here



Chuckle of the month


the Tomato Garden joke

Until next month…

Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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One Comment

  • Hildegard Homewood
    March 21, 2018 at 9:46 am

    Love your joke. So clever. Regards

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