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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 19 February 2020

Posted By Marilynh / February 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

News for seniors – local, international, and YEI specific.
Highlights include top letters to the Editor, this week’s Top Three pensioners deals, favourite Facebook posts, Spur competition winners and more…


Editor desk - 1200


Greetings YEI readers 


YEI’s Top Letters to the Editor


On the topic of romance

I have learned to be realistic: the possibilities of finding “romance” with a partner of my own age (mid-eighties) are poor. Look around the inhabitants of any retirement village. There are far fewer men than women living there – an very few of those who are eighty-plus are still both mentally and physically active. In any event, what is meant by the word “romance”? The OED has about 7 definitions – none of which seem to describe the companionship that is the best a couple of octogenarians can achieve. And, of course, no-one has mentioned the naughty word “sex” – which is an integral part of romance between younger people.  For my part, I can enjoy as much companionship from my women friends as I need in life. I have a more attainable way of finding love and romance: with as many tall, dark (or fair), handsome and virile heroes as I want. I have found my romantic Nirvana through my computer keyboard. This happy octogenarian has become an author of steamy romantic novels. Who needs a real-live man in their life, when they can create their own perfect lover – and kill him off, or send him to Timbuktu or Toronto or Tokyo if he becomes boring.
Andrea P 

On the topic of scams

I recently got scammed by a company called NZTEK Educational College they promised to get me registered as a trader on the stock exchange with a guaranteed return on my money. They took R50000 on my credit card. They also guaranteed a full money back if I had not made 40% return after 6 months. All phone calls are not returned and trying to speak to someone is impossible.
Just a warning to everyone out there
Dennis B

On the topic of investments

I am a financial advisor and most of my clients have been drawing incomes for over 20 years. The effects of inflation combined with the “lost decade” in South Africa has affected their capital in some instances and they are having to draw down more than the 5% recommended. What a lot of clients are afraid of doing is taking on some investment risk which allows for inflation beating returns. Instead they opt for cash which although having delivered fair returns up to end 2018 did not perform as well as equities did – delivering just on 12% on the Johannesburg Stock Market. Remember that our economy is now more affected by Global movements as a lot of the top 40 companies are dual listed on other stock markets. Essentially you are investing in world markets.
Nancy B 


Editor’s choice this fortnight
– great pensioner deals/benefits for SA over-60s

Forever Resorts – click here

Anna Sophia Retirement Accommodation – click here

Hospital Spoils – click here


News and inspirational senior stories
on the YEI Facebook page

The world has lost a legend.
Kirk Douglas has died at the age of 103.
RIP Kirk Douglas – one of the greatest actors ever.
Click here

Reasons Women over 50 should start something new and big
Click here

An inspiring story of three Mamelodi East retired friends who have started an independent wellness clinic to serve the growing population of Mamelodi. The clinic is the first wholly black woman-founded clinic in the township and opened on 13 January 2020.  Click here 

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if you are a Facebook user


Reviews on the YEI Facebook page

Love it – all the good deals we get – thank you
Adri P

Discounts and information/tips
Hannes H

We would love you to post a review on YEI on the YEI Facebook page.
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#WINNERS – YEI Competitions


Tarantara!  Drumroll please!!  And the winners of the Spur vouchers are…..

Elizabeth Boonzaaier, Dianne Wray, Anneke Piek, Thandi Nxumalo, Ginny du Toit, Ragini Naidoo, Jade Coetzee, Mazo Kubeka, Rodney Everson and Beverley Ann Swanepoel

Congratulations on winning such an awesome prize.  Enjoy!  Well done!

Thank you to Spur for providing this awesome prize!


Feedback from YEI winners


Feedback from Spur winners

Wow this is so awesome, thank you so so much for this wonderful surprise, I truly appreciate it and am so grateful 😅
Bev Swanepoel

Thank you for the Spur voucher for two.
Here is a picture of my wife and I having the Fire & Nice mouth watering meal,
double points deal.
Rodney Everson

Rodney Everson and his wife


Thank you very very much for the Spur voucher that I won. I took my daughter to Spur, Mossel Bay mall in Heiderand and we both enjoyed a wonderful meal. Being the middle of the month made it even more special. Thanks again.
Anneke Piek

Thanks for the good news and being a YEI winner!   The Spur voucher for R200 has arrived!!  Many thanks!    First time I can ever remember winning anything.  Myself and husband will give ourselves a treat an go to the Spur for a Sunday lunch.  Many thanks once again!!
Elizabeth Boonzaaier

Oh yay! Thank you so much.
Dianne Wray

Am really happy! Thank you YEI and Spur!
Looking forward to taking my sister to enjoy a great meal!
Ginny du Toit

Awesome, thank you so much!
Thank you very much it really made my Valentines, I felt honoured

Thandi Nxumalo


Thandi Nxumalo


Awesome, thank you so much! 
Ragini Naidoo



Feedback from winners of Yo-Yo Ma tickets

Thank you so much for these tickets.  The show was fantastic – he sure is a master of his chosen instrument.  My husband who has for years been an ardent fan was thrilled to have been able to see him.
Thanks again, Elmarie

Thank you for a magical night.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Warmly, Jasantha 

I am still in absolute awe for the opportunity that I could be part of such a marvellous occasion.  It was the best birthday present I ever had in my 60 years. What a wonderful experience!!!!!!!  I am now so motivated, watching Yo Yo Ma performing, that I think my grade 5 Violin practical exam in November (will be like a walk in the park).  Now, I want to thank the organisers, Marilyn and Jasantha who, made not just my day, but year.
Thanks once again……  Berenese


Click here to see winners’ names on the YEI website

Click here to see more great competitions on WIN with YEI 

Click here to read the feedback from YEI members and YEI winners


Click here to read the online book reviews on YEI!


What’s On 

Click here to get all the details for the Cape Town Concert Series, upcoming shows such as The Cape Getaway Show 2020, Slava’s Snow show and Disney on Ice 2020.

Request from YEI member

There is nothing as inspiring as someone overcoming
the limitations of being 100% healthy.

Please could you take the time to read Graham Chamberlain’s story,
and consider assisting him in his quest to compete in the 9th World Union of Karate-do Federation’s (WUKF) World championships, travelling to Szczecin, Poland from the 1st to the 5th of July 2020
Thank you,
Elsbeth Eksteen
Click here

International news for seniors 

The town paying for people over 65 to get fit
Click here

96-Year-Old Radio Enthusiast Fulfills Childhood Dream With Far Out Connection to Outer Space
Click here

Time for a quick chuckle…

Joke for seniors 


Until next month…


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team

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