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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 1 July 2020

Posted By Marilynh / June 29, 2020 / 0 Comments

News for seniors – local, international, and YEI specific


Editors desk


Greetings YEI readers

We trust you are all keeping safe and well in lockdown.

Covid-19 still remains top of mind with us all.  The number of infections is rising rapidly and it is anticipated that South Africa is expected to reach its peak within the next few weeks, possibly later.  The infections will rise steeply, as will the associated fatalities. Levels of anxiety and grief will rise. It would appear that the country is as ready as it can be.   At this time, we urge you all to be extremely cautious. Please stay home as much as you possibly can and take personal responsibility firmly into your own hands.  Please assess your own risk and how much risk you are prepared to take.   Please limit your contact with others.  The risk of infection is extremely high, and we are all in the vulnerable age group, despite the fact that some think they are invincible.  Times are going to get more tough and rough – and we all need each other to care, to listen and to help where we can.

We are having to contend with a huge amount at the moment. The virus should be more than enough, but there are plunging economies, Gender Based Violence, attacks on children and toddlers, a scourge of farm attacks and crime raises its head daily on our own turf.  Again, we urge you to be vigilant at all times, and build a sound relationship with your neighbours – you never know when you might need them, or they may need you.

And to add to our woes, loadshedding is looming again.  Be prepared with your devices fully charged, meals in the freezer in case you can’t prepare supper and lots of batteries for torches, candles and solar-charged lamps.

In the midst of this chaos and humanitarian crisis, there are glimmers of hope and many, many people out there doing wonderful deeds for others less fortunate.    At the very least, we all need to be kind, considerate and thoughtful of others who might be going through a much worse time than we are.

Please keep strong, stay safe and well, and keep warm and dry in these most difficult of times.

Marilyn, YEI Editor


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YEI member news

Thank you to YEI member, Rodney Everson, who sent this update on Builders. 

Please be informed that if shoppers over the age of 60 who do not have the new Builders Pensioners Discount Card must first apply in store before they can make a purchase. 


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Until next month…  Stay safe, stay at home and please keep well


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team



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