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YEI News – From the Editor’s desk – 10 June 2020

Posted By Marilynh / June 10, 2020 / 0 Comments

News for seniors – local, international, and YEI specific. 

Highlights include New YEI partnership,
YEI member news, reviews and and more…


editors desk


Greetings YEI readers 

We trust you are all keeping safe and well in lockdown.   

YEI is thrilled to welcome Old Mutual on board.   Old Mutual is celebrating 175 years and is excited to help YEI members achieve lifetime financial goals and make retirement dreams a reality.  Old Mutual has so much to offer YEI members – gain retirement insights, help you to make the right financial decisions, reach your retirement goals, help you to stretch your pension as well as celebrate big milestones and enjoying exciting competitions.  The Old Mutual Rewards programme is amazing – you can score hugely without even being an Old Mutual customer!
Now’s the time to enjoy all these benefits – You’ve Earned It!

Click here for further information

You might be thinking that it’s the end of the world as we know it (there is a song in there somewhere!).  Who would have thought that a few short months ago, the world would be spun into such incredible chaos?   It feels as though the world has changed overnight into something quite foreign.  Wearing masks is the new norm, freedom of movement is somewhat restrained and 60-plussers are recommended to stay home.  Something that many seniors are not happy about.  We miss that interaction with our families, our grandchildren and our friends.  Touching elbows, hands on hearts and WhatsApp video calls are just no substitute for that bearhug from your little grandson.  BUT there are many good-news stories coming out of all this – we do need to look for the positives.  This pandemic has turned into a humanitarian crisis.  And yet we are hearing so many stories of people helping others in need – even pensioners are giving away part of their meagre pension to help others who are worse off.  Seniors are spending more time with family, albeit online.  Stories are emerging of 60-plussers who are finding enjoyment in cooking again.  So even though there is doom and gloom, there are many feel-good stories coming to light. We have to believe that we are stronger than we think.  We have to believe that we have been given an opportunity and a time in life to step back, reflect and consider our future path. 

Marilyn, YEI Editor  


Welcome to new YEI members  

Welcome to all new You’ve Earned It members! Lovely to have you on board! You’ve Earned It / YEI is the online retirement platform for South African over-60s.  YEI’s primary focus is on discounts, savings and benefits for baby boomers, seniors, pensioners and retirees. YEI’s platform (website, newsletter and Facebook page) includes informative and relevant articles, fab competitions and news/views/fun all geared specifically to the senior market.  The fortnightly YEI Newsletter is FREE and features relevant, interesting articles specifically geared at 60-plussers. The newsletter usually includes the latest updates on the latest over-60s discounts, benefits and savings. 

If you are not yet a YEI member,
we invite you to sign up for this free newsletter here.

To our existing YEI members
– we invite you to spread the YEI word to your friends and family
by sharing this newsletter.

If you have time on your hands and would like some good reading,
back issues of the newsletter can be seen here.


YEI member news 

YEI member selling masks 



3 layer polycotton masks – R35 per person.  Fully washable and white
– shows up any dirt easily.
Contact:  Valerie Benson, Cell : 082 475 6187 


Most popular stories on the YEI Facebook page

Do you remember when milk was delivered to your door?  Click here to view

A good Samaritan helping an SA pensioner – Click here to view 

A brainteaser for YEI members – Click here to view

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    if you are a Facebook user.


Reviews on YEI and the YEI Facebook page

Thank you Jilly for your comments on YEI!

So impressed with the website. It’s jam packed with great articles and advice.
It really has gone from strength to strength.
Well done to all involved.

If you would like to post a review on the YEI Facebook page,
these are the steps to follow:


  • Click here to go directly to the You’ve Earned It – Reviews page – 
  • You will see a box saying – Would you recommend You’ve Earned It – Pensioner discounts, deals and benefits?
  • If you would like to recommend YEI, you click on “Yes”
  • A pop up box will appear saying “What do you recommend about YEI..?”
  • You simply write your recommendation in this box
  • Then click “Post”
  • Your own individual recommendation will appear on the YEI Facebook page.


YEI’s online book reviews


Call of the Raven


Click here to read the Extract from Wilbur Smith’s new book – Call of the Raven, written by both Wilbur Smith and Corban Addision.  Call of the Raven is the prequel to A Falcon Flies.


Don’t forget to enter the great “Wilbur Smith” competition on YEI  – click here


Click here to read the online book reviews on YEI!



Thank you to everyone who entered the Old Mutual Mother’s Day competition. Congratulations to Marilyn Murphy! You have won a beautiful Carrol Boyes hamper valued at R1500. Well done!! What an awesome prize you have won!

Click here to see winners’ names on the YEI website 

Click here to see competitions on WIN with YEI 

Click here to read the feedback from YEI members and YEI winners


International news for seniors 

Which foods boost collagen production? Click here 

Coronavirus: Centenarians recovering from the virus – Click here 

Chilean woman recovers from Covid-19 aged 111 – Click here


Time for a bit of humour 

Joke - rolling out of bed 

 Do share your stories, snippets, good chuckles and funnies with us..


Until next month…
Stay safe, stay home and please keep well


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team

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