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YEI News – 13 October 2021

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Greetings from the You’ve Earned It team!    

You’ve Earned It/YEI is the digital media platform
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Message from the YEI Editor – Hello YEI members!

As you may recall, YEI is trialling weekly newsletters for October to see what the impact is.  This is the second of the “weeklies”, and the results so far are great!

YEI sat in on the presentation of 10X Investment’s Retirement Reality Report 2021.  It is clear that the pandemic has caused great financial distress, and the RRR21 highlights several extreme issues.  We urge you to read the article and the report. 

In the last YEI newsletter, we featured an article on why one needs to do one’s homework when researching retirement villages.  In this issue, we have Part 2 of this article which explores the factors that should play a part in your final decision when it comes to choosing a retirement village.  Both are must-read articles if moving to a retirement village one day is on your radar.

In this issue, we have a gentle reminder to #supportpensioners in their home-run businesses.  There have been over 60 sign-ups on to this page – a great YEI initiative that reminds us how many 60-plussers are working in retirement.

This week’s issue takes us to Destination Mpumalanga, where we check out the great pensioner savings and benefits on offer. 

In addition, Tech Tim is back giving us the low-down onvirus protection!

We are also very happy to welcome the Faircape Group on board.  We invite you to take a look at their wonderful retirement villages.

That’s it for now – catch you in the next issue on 20th October!

Happy Reading!! 

Warm regards
Marilyn and the YEI Team


YEI member comments

Love the YEI newsletters.  Very, very informative and most interesting!  Keep up the good work!
Malcom M

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WINNER:   YEI’s Pensioner of the Month – September 2021

Winner:  Jennifer Roberts from Gauteng

Jenny was nominated by her friend, Thandi Nxumalo, who had this to say:

I nominate Jennifer Roberts, the Pensioner who has tirelesssly reached out to the needy people despite her pension fund being highly taxed.  She is an amazing woman who makes sure the destitutes are fed.

YEI:  Way to go, Jenny!  Congratulations on winning September’s Pensioner of the Month award!!

Thank you to Just SA for sponsoring this awesome prize from June to September 2021


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Three posts on the YEI Facebook page – not on YEI website or in newsletter 

We have had some great chuckles in the last two weeks!  YEI members have a wonderful sense of humour! 

Time for a chuckle! For bragging rights, let’s see who comes up with the best caption…..Click here to view and comment

Happy 90th Birthday, Arch!  Click here to view, and comment

We all have a book that we would love to write. What would yours be about, or titled? We would love to hear about it!  Click here to view, and comment

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On a lighter note – let’s see your comments below…


when i die..



Until next week…   

Please stay safe and well   

Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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