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YEI News – 10 November 2021

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Greetings from the You’ve Earned It team!    

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Message from the YEI Editor – Hello YEI members!

We are soooo excited to be asking you to save the date for our immensely popular YEI Advent Calendar Competition for 2021.  Our sponsors have been incredibly generous and there are some AWESOME prizes up for grabs.  So make a note in your diary – every day from 1-24 December 2021, to check into YEI and enter the AMAZING YEI Advent Calendar Competition 2021!!!   

We are also excited to welcome a wonderful YEI partner back on board.  We missed you during Covid.   You may remember them as Bidvest Car Rental – they are now back with a new shiny name, a fresh new look and a re-energised drive to be the best car rental brand in South Africa.  And they are here for SA 60-plussers, with a great new offer.  Welcome back BLUU!!!  So, if you are looking for car rental for that long-awaited break, best you make contact with BLUU asap – visitors are flocking to South Africa now that we have been taken off the red list.  

YEI has had a lengthy conversation with SASSA, the results being we have managed to obtain the most current information, documentation and contact details – all of which have been updated on the SASSA information page on YEI.  This is good news for SASSA pensioners and for those wanting to apply for a SASSA Older Persons Grant.  

Lots of news for YEI members in this week’s issue of YEI News.  If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, maybe the Vooma Vaccination Voucher will encourage you to join your fellow 60-plussers – the only message we have for you is – Get Vaccinated!

If you are in a position to assist other seniors, we urge you to read the article on Santa for Seniors – and help to bring joy to a struggling pensioner this festive season.

Have you fallen victim to osteoporosis?  I sadly have.  There are so many myths and misunderstandings that can seriously affect the quality of your life.  Don’t fall for these fractured truths.  

It’s a big bumper issue with lots of relevant, interesting and fascinating articles.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a good read.

That’s it for now – catch you in the next issue on 24 November!

Happy Reading!! 

Warm regards
Marilyn and the YEI Team


YEI member comments

We are very happy to see that younger YEI members are reading the YEI articles and gaining perspective and information on behalf of their parents.

Hi There – I think this article about the top 10 fears of people who retire was well-written and thought provoking – thank you !  I am 47 years old and my parents are 72 years old – they are healthy (at this stage) and their cognitive ability is all good , but unbeknown to me, they might suffer from anxiety related to the excellent points you made in your insightful article.  I now have a better understanding of their potential “fears and concerns” that I would have been ignorant about before reading this article. We think our parents are fine and have no worries since they are retired and hence have no more “ Headlines & Deadlines”  to stress about – wrong I am. Thank you for putting things in perspective for me !
Billy Engelbrecht

YEI response:

Thanks for your thoughts and putting pen to paper. We agree – this article provides much food for thought. Often, parents try to “hide” things from their children, and yet this time of one’s life brings about many aspects in the “The Top Ten Stressors of Life”. It’s so good that children recognize some of the fears and concerns that their parents might be going through.


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On a lighter note


 walking the dog


Until next week… 
Please stay safe and well   


Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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