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The best of the best with YEI in the twenty tens

Posted By Marilynh / January 22, 2020 / 0 Comments

The Twenty-Tens – a weird and wonderful decade, during which YEI published thousands of articles and hunted down relevant pensioner deals in every possible form. 

Here are 22 of YEI’s most-read articles and unforgettable favourites thrown in for good measure!


YEI best of best


Farewell Twenty-Tens!
Welcome to the
Decade of Healthy Ageing,
as proclaimed by the World Health Organisation.

In its 10 years online, YEI has covered retirement topics and searched for relevant pensioner deals for you in every possible form.  We have been lucky enough to publish thousands of articles covering a vast number of retirement topics, still relevant and resonating with most of us. 

From retirement age to retirement accommodation.  From health issues to grandma’s natural remedies, from downsizing to work-from-home jobs for SA pensioners.  And everything in between!  It has been a wonderful, sometimes weird decade!  We have run retirement workshops, showcased YEI at Retirement Expos, interviewed John Cleese and taken a group of pensioners to a Kirstenbosch book launch!
And so much more…..

What a journey!

So here goes, YEI’s most-read and favourite articles: 


seniors eating
Need to work post-retirement?
Eight ideas for enterprising retirees
Farewell Old Age Home!
Hello co-housing, co-living!
Whether you have to work, want to supplement your income, want to be an active retiree or would like to follow a passion, here are eight ideas to consider based on your interests, skills set or background. Baby boomers are not strangers when it comes to bucking the trends. In the Woodstock era, baby boomers brought about a seismic cultural shift. Now, they are revolutionising retirement!
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seniors cookingSeniors playing
Pros and cons of senior house-sharingHow to kick-start a senior house-share
In an era of individualism you may think “Mmm, not for me”, but read on to see how house-sharing is fast becoming part of the new landscape of retirementForming a mini-community could be the answer to many cash-strapped retirees.
This worldwide trend is enabling retirees to enjoy companionship, a sense of security & to save hard-earned pension.
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downsizing or notdeclutter
To downsize or not – that is the question!Where do I start?
Confront the clutter!
In our quest to look at a variety of accommodation options
in retirement, the one big question is - Should I downsize or not?
We brought in the experts to reveal the best ever advice on the decluttering issue.
Now is your chance to get, and stay, organised.
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gardeningnatural remedies
11 fascinating facts about old ageGrandma’s natural remedies can save you money!
A must-read for all 60-plussers!
11 interesting facts about later life and ageing that may be new to you!
Are natural remedies far-fetched or just plain bizarre?! More and more people find that natural remedies work better than over-the-counter medication! Worth a try, we think…
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tax filing helpbereavement
Tax Guide for South African SeniorsDeath of a loved one - what to do
Don’t let the e-filing Wizard (not a reference to Game of Thrones or Harry Potter!) tax your brain! Just check out this A-Z of how to complete your tax return!A valuable checklist on how to take care of immediate business following the death of a loved one
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retirement agehappy pensioners
Retirement age in South Africa – know your rightsDefinition of a pensioner in South Africa
The question of retirement age in South Africa can be thorny at best. YEI unpacks the topic of the retirement age in South AfricaAt what age is one a pensioner in South Africa? 60? 65? You've Earned It explores what it means to be a pensioner in this country.
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overcoming the challengesImportance of a will
Overcoming challenges in RetirementThe importance of having a will
Adjusting to retirement life for newly-minted retirees is not always easy and certainly not for the feint-hearted! But, challenges can be overcome....During National Wills Week, certain attorneys draft free wills. However, YEI members do not have to wait for National Wills Week.
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unique challengesunique challenges
The unique challenges of Retirement:
Challenge #1
- Retirement Age
The unique challenges of Retirement:
Challenge #2 - Working in retirement
You’ve Earned It looks at the key challenges and important issues facing retirees in South Africa today, plus the possible solutions to these challenges.In the second part of this series “The unique challenges of Retirement”, we looked at the retirement age. In this article, You've Earned It looks at working in retirement.
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unique challenges housingunique challenges health
The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #3 - HousingThe unique challenges of Retirement:
Challenge #4 - Health
Let's look at the challenges and the big questions facing SA seniors who are still in their homes. YEI explores alternative options for accommodation in retirement. Ageing is not for sissies! Wrinkles. Hormones out of whack. Energy levels decrease. In this 4th article in the Retirement Challenges series, YEI looks at the reality of longevity and related health issues.
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lifes purposedancing on the beach
The unique challenges of Retirement:
Challenge #5 Finding your sense of purpose in retirement
Purposeful ageing keeps YEI seniors young
Life’s purpose is unique to everyone. Your purpose is a combination of your skills, passions and values. It’s your mission in life, and identifying your life’s purpose can mean a hugely more satisfying life.South African over-60s are healthier and more vibrant than generations past.
SA seniors are contributing to society’s well-being, demonstrating that ageing is not “lost youth”, but a new stage of opportunity and enrichment.
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super seniorEntrepreneurship
The emergence of the Super SeniorThe unique challenges of senior entrepreneurship
Super Seniors are forcing society worldwide to rethink the concept of ageing and retirement.
Who are these Super Seniors, and what are the challenges they are facing?
Seniors worldwide are showing real entrepreneurial spirit by setting up businesses – YEI looks at the unique challenges faced by senior entrepreneurs.
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