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How to use the You’ve Earned It Directory effectively

By July 18, 2017May 11th, 2018One Comment

How to look for something specific in the YEI Directory


If you are looking for something specific, for example – accommodation in George.


  • Go to the YEI Directory, the big orange bar at the top of the YEI homepage.  Please see screenshot below.
  • In the search fields:
    Click on “accommodation” in the All Categories box.
    Click on “Western Cape” in the All Locations Box.
  • In the box titled “YEI Directory – Search for discounts and benefits” – type in your key word.  In this instance, the search is for accommodation in George, so type  in “George”.
    Then click “search”.
  • The search will pick up listings in the directory that pertain to accommodation in George and the surrounds.
  • Go to the count box (the count box starts at 2, goes to 5, 10, 15 right up to 100).    In this case, click on 10 (as there are 6 items resulting from the search).   Wait for a few seconds, and all of the results for accommodation in George and the surrounds will show on the same page.  There is, therefore,  no need to click through to other pages to view results.
  • If you had clicked on “Western Cape” and “accommodation” and had not specified “George”, you would have picked up a result of 82 currently in the YEI Directory.  You would then click on “100” in the count box to see the results of the search on one page.

Try it!  Follow the above steps, step by step, and you will see how easy it actually is!






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