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It’s time to be proactive in prepping your home for the winter chill and rain.  With unseasonal rain in Gauteng and Capetonians praying for rain, torrential rain can become a huge problem.  The advice from the experts is – take this pre-hibernation opportunity to prepare your home for winter issues, which will save you money and problems down the line.

We bring you five great practical maintenance tips which will help you adequately prepare for the onset of winter:

Time to clean those gutters and downpipes

The rain could find a path into the house and lead to substantial damage if you don’t regularly clear and clean the gutters of leaves and any other debris that you might find.  Ensure that the rainwater in the downpipes has somewhere to go.  Damage to foundations and rising damp could be the results of water pooling at the bottom of downpipes.  Check that those drainage outlets are clear, which will allow rainwater to drain directly into municipal storm water drains.

Check windows and doors

Leaks and draughts result in letting out the heat, and letting in the rain.  Check the windows and doors in your home for draughts, and patch up air leaks around your windows and doors before the rain comes.

Roof care

Check the roof for leaks, and check your roof for damaged tiles.  Sort out any roofing problems timeously.


Other than patching up the draughts and leaks around windows and doors, you can also lose heat through the floors, walls and ceilings.    Insulate ceilings to avoid heat loss.  You can also add thicker curtains in order to keep out the chilly air.


The most cost-efficient heaters are gas and wall panel heaters.  Consider investing in a wall panel heater in every room. 


Remember, regular maintenance of your home should be your first priority


Conduct regular inspections around your home, followed up by regular maintenance.  In the long-term, this will save you money as well as time.  Insurance companies state that it is your responsibility to maintain your home as your policy does not cover deterioration or wear and tear. 


If home maintenance is not your “thing”, consider soliciting the advice and assistance from the experts



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