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Springbok Radio 1


It’s Friday, when You’ve Earned It takes a trip down Memory Lane!

Springbok Radio! Share your precious memories of the shows on the first commercial radio station in South Africa that took to the airwaves on 1 May 1950.


Springbok Radio 2


Shows like Squad Cars, The Men from the Ministry, The Creaking Door, Jet Jungle, Consider Your Verdict, Pick-a-box, Test the Team, The Pip Freedman Show, and so on…..

Remember Eric Egan – his daily “corny crack” and catch phrase “I Looooveee Yoouuu”.

Do join in, and leave your comments below … We look forward to hearing from you all!!

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Springbok Radio 4



  • Don Macleod says:

    Did or did not Eric Egan tell the joke ” How to catch a polar bear” on one of his shows for which he was banned for a while.? i can find no record of the incident.

  • Claire Burttle says:

    Yes he was suspended for a joke about a bear coming for a pea. Dougie Laws was also suspended several times.
    By today’s standards they were very mild. Loved Springbok Radio

  • Daniel Egan says:

    Hello everyone, Eric Egan was my grandfather although I never got the chance to meet him.

    I’m also interested in his wife, my grandmother Barbara Cowan. Do you know anything about Eric Egans wife?

    • Peter Egan says:

      I’m Danny’s dad – Eric Egan was my dad. No, it was an urban myth – he never told that ‘polar bear’ joke. When he was suspended from Springbok Radio for a few months, I suspect the reasons were political. It was never made clear. It was the time of Apartheid and my dad and our family was known to be liberal in outlook and against Apartheid. I think his suspension may have been politically motivated but, as I say, it was never made clear. The urban myth was that he told an ‘adult’ joke on air. My mother was Barbara Cowan.

  • Gladys says:

    Does anyone remember all the words for the 6am wake up song? Get up Get up. Get up. Get out of the bed you sleepy head. Remember what you said. Before you went to bed.

  • Graham says:

    as a child i really loved Eric Eagan mornings from Mondays to Fridays he would end off by say I looove you. very good memories

  • ROS MALE says:

    the polar bear joke that got Eric Egan suspended, who according to one website was married three times

    Q: How do you catch a polar bear?

    A: You make a hole in the ice and line it with peas. When the bear goes in to take a pea, you kick him in the ice hole.

  • Terrence Roy Andrew says:

    Does anybody remember Snoektown Calling.

  • Marie Jones says:

    The good or should I say great ol days!!! Loved all those programs on the radio

  • Fiona Wallace says:

    One childhood morning I will NEVER forget was when “Uncle Eric” wished me Happy Birthday on air! I was beside myself with excitement.

  • sam laws says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a Douglas Laws LP from or where I can listen to him? Hes my husband’s grandfather.

  • Leslie Sewell says:

    Eric ran an announcers course in the early 1950’s
    I took the course with other young people.
    The course took place in his flat.
    He wrote a children’s program called “Anything can happen and it usually does Town”
    We recorded it at Broadcast House Commissioner St JHB.
    It was broacast on Sunday mornings.
    Such happy memories –
    Leslie Sewell

  • Alan J McKay says:

    I remember Springbok Radio well.Uncle Eric in the mornings, whilst getting ready for school.Met Douglas Laws a few times.Programmes like Pick a Box, Number Please, Inspector Carr, Jay Wilber and Squad Cars all classics in my book,
    The face of radio was never the same post 1985.Those productions were legends.
    Great Memories of a bygone era.
    Snoetown Calling ,Saturday nights 7 15pm Cecil Whiteman was the presenter.Another great proramme.Test the team Dywer McCormack.A great listen.Was Danie Smuts’s 5 am show also part of the Springbok stable?
    Alan J.


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