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A grandparent’s wisdom stays with us for life.
In this, the month of love, we asked 5 YEI members
who have been married for 50+ years
to gift their marriage tips.
Tips that they would pass on to their grandchildren.
Love these nuggets of fun and wisdom!


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Hilary White celebrates her 50th wedding anniversary in October

As my husband says, we have only had one argument, which started the day we got married!!  No really to be honest, we have not had too many disagreements.  The three things that have contributed to a successful/ happy marriage are:

  • We both had our own hobbies (me Girl Guides, Dave golf) we let each other do our own thing! We have shared these occasionally so we know why each other likes their hobby!
  • Until the end of last year we spent time out of each other’s way. I am now retired too, so we are together more often than we have been in the past 49 years! Let your partner have his / her own spare time.

Lastly, enjoy each other! Enjoy time together, enjoy time apart, enjoy each other’s hobbies!

Robert S celebrates his 56th wedding anniversary this year

Robert’s top  tips for a successful marriage are “Stay friends. Be honest and loyal to one another. Both should be good givers and forgivers.”

Hazel Nortje celebrates her 51st wedding anniversary on 6th March

Everlasting love is listening with open ears and minds to your partner’s problems.  Never go to bed with unresolved issues.  Respect one another as you did from the very beginning.  Have fun together and laugh a lot.  We are very blessed with a beautiful daughter and a son, and three lovely granddaughters.  Our children are also very loving and spoil us a lot.  For us, love is the most important roleplayer in our marriage.

Glora Jean Du Plooy has been married for 50 years

My hubby and I have been together forever – since I was 8 years old and since he was 10.  The recipe for a successful and happy marriage is love, to be tolerant and understanding, to discuss issues immediately, and to have fun together. 

Cynthia Fuller has been married for 56 years

Cynthia says:

  • Never go to bed angry – always remember to say sorry
  • Never stop telling each other you love and appreciate what they do, even the smallest things
  • Keep God in your life and find time to pray together


An American couple Herbert and Zelmvra Fisher hold The Guinness World Record for the longest marriage.  They were married for 86 years!  The best piece of marriage advice Zelmyra and Herbert ever received was to “respect, support, and communicate with each other. Be faithful, honest, and true. Love each other with ALL of your heart.”

However, on further research, we found that a couple from Bradford in the UK celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary.  Karam and Kartari Chand, aged 110 and 103, were believed to have been Britain’s longest married couple!  They tied the knot in 1925 during the British Raj period and moved to the UK some 40 years later.


Shew, we have a long way to go!!
Any of our YEI readers celebrating their golden anniversaries (+) this year?


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