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It has come to our attention that many YEI readers are unsure how to use the comprehensive Directory of discounts, savings and benefits on the YEI website.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Look for the orange bar on the YEI homepage ( – above “Welcome to YEI” and below the category pages – Entrepreneurs, Finance, Healthcare etc
  • There are three ways of sourcing discounts, savings and benefits in the YEI Directory via the search facility within this top orange bar (options listed below).
  • You can search for listings via keywords, location and categories


Screenshot 1

Option 1:

Let’s say you are looking for an optician in your area (e.g. Western Cape).

  • Click on the drop-down arrow in “All locations”; click on Western Cape
  • Click on the drop-down arrow in “All categories”; scroll down until you find “Optometrists and Eye Care”.
  • Click on the search button


Screenshot - 2


All Optometrist and Eye Care listings in the Western Cape will appear.   There are four listings per page. Currently, there are two archived pages in this category in the Western Cape.
Click on “next” to get to the next page of listings.
Click on “previous” to go back.



Screenshot - results of optometrists

  • Choose one of the listings, e.g. Brian Roos Optician
  • Click on the title – this will take you in to the full listing with details of what is on offer at Brian Roos Optician and their full contact details including email and website addresses.


Screenshot  - Brian Roos


Option 2:

If you know the name of the company you are looking for (e.g. Brian Roos Optician), type the name in “Search keyword here” – click on the Search button – see results in screenshot below.

 Screenshot - result of keyword search - Brian Roos


Option 3:

Scroll through “Latest Directory Listings” – featured on the YEI homepage.   There are currently 165 pages of listings – click on “next” to get to the next page of listings, and click on “previous” to go back.



Screenshot - homepage of directory listings

One Comment

  • Rob says:

    Good day,
    Is it possible to have a printed page list, possibly with catagories and advertising names that we can click on a name and goes to the advert/details.
    Reason is, that if we want to go through each page as is now it takes for ever. I have a 10 meg line and it is seriously slow so those people on the entry level adsl will have a real problem, I am sure they will give up after the first 2 pages. I know we are retired and some of us have all the time in the world but still frustrating.
    Some days we are looking for something to do and feel like browsing through to get ideas, this would certainly help.

    Not criticizing your wonderful work and appreciate what you are doing, Just a thought.

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