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From the Editor’s desk

Posted By Marilynh / February 2, 2017 / 0 Comments


Welcome, Angela!

YEI welcomes Angela Watkins to the You’ve Earned It team!   We are quite sure that Angela will become a valued team member who will have your interests at heart!


YEI Directory

You spoke.  We listened!   There seemed to be uncertainty from some readers with regard to finding the YEI Directory on the YEI website.  The YEI Directory is now very clear to see.  Please click here to go to the YEI homepage.  The YEI Directory can be seen in the top orange bar.  We invite you to have a browse using the location and category drop-down arrows.  Don’t forget to click “search” for the results of your search.  When your search results appear, click “100” in the count button to see the maximum number of results in the search.  Let us know what you think… 


Banners on the YEI website

Our partners/advertisers have banners situated all over the different pages of the YEI website.   Clicking on a banner will give you access to further information on that particular advertiser.  We encourage our readers to click on the banners that are of interest to them.  So, click away, find out more, and benefit more!!


YEI social forum/dating site

In this, the month of love, we have been revving our engines to see where we can go to with a YEI social forum/dating site!    In our last newsletter, we asked YEI readers if they would like to see a space on YEI where you could have the opportunity to meet up with people who share similar interests in your area, find a travel partner, form walking groups, join a supper club etc.  The response has been enthusiastic.  A social forum/dating site has been on You’ve Earned It’s planning schedule as a potential strategy for several years now.  YEI is actively looking at how we can best formulate the incorporation of a social forum coupled with a dating forum on the YEI platform.  While we do this, requests, such as the above, may be placed on the YEI Facebook page.  Please provide us with the exact wording (which we may tweak if needs be*) – and send your request to info@youve-earned-it.co.za.  You need to be a Facebook fan in order to participate, as we will tag you in the request which means you can see the responses. 

*Please note that YEI reserves the right not to place a request, if we deem the request not to be in YEI members’ best interests. 

We would also like to hear your reaction to a dating forum/site.  Is this something of interest to YEI members?  Please send us your comments on this to info@youve-earned-it.co.za or place a comment in the comments section below.


Calling all YEI senior entrepreneurs who run very small businesses from home!

Are you a senior entrepreneur who runs his/her own very small business from home in order to supplement your pension?  You could be making greetings cards, taking senior people out shopping, making meals for those unable to cook for themselves, housesitting, making jam or chutney etc.   YEI is looking for senior entrepreneurs who would be happy to be featured in a relevant article.  If you would like your small business/cottage industry featured in this article, please let us know on info@youve-earned-it.co.za.  Please include a short paragraph (no more than 100 words), plus your name, name of business and contact details.


Single solo travellers

You may recall that last month, we featured an article titled Single Supplements frustrate the solo senior traveller.    Readers might like to read the responses – not extensive responses, but interesting nonetheless here.


Run while you can

In the last newsletter, we featured an article about a YEI reader titled From a Hotelier to a wheelchair.  Sally Brownie’s book Run While You Can is available from www.Amazon.com.  Type in Run While You Can:  My Life and a Wheelchair by Sally Brownie in the search box.  The cost is $3.42.


Become a YEI contributor in 2017

Everyone has a story to tell.  And wewould love to hear your story and feature it on either the YEI website, the YEI newsletter or the YEI Facebook page, or all three!  Your story could be the inspiration for another YEI reader, it could be all about that bucket list you saved for and achieved, it could be about an inspirational golden oldie in your community, it could purely be sage advice for others.    Send your stories to info@youve-earned-it.co.za.   


Senior-friendly businesses

Don’t keep it to yourself!  Don’t forget to tell us about your local businesses who offer discounts to pensioners.  The local butcher who has a pensioner day once a week, the restaurant down the road who offers spectacular meals to seniors, the hairdresser who offers a discount on Tuesdays to pensioners. 

If you know of a business in your area that offers discounts to pensioners, please let us know, and we will undertake to research it and to find out if the business is prepared to come on board.


Remember, You’ve Earned It is your site

We welcome your interaction, your comments on articles, your opinion on listings.  Let us know if you would like us to research a particular topic.


Thank you for being part of YEI!   Your valued support is much appreciated!

Until next month…

Kind regards,
Marilyn and the YEI Team


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