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Welcome to You’ve Earned It / YEI


You’ve Earned It/YEI is a digital media platform for SA 60-plussers with a major focus on senior citizen discounts, savings and benefits PLUS informative and relevant articles specifically geared at our target market (senior citizens, retirees, baby boomers and pensioners). 


Fabulous savings and benefits for South African 60-plussers!


  • YEI has the biggest Directory for seniors in South Africa, featuring great savings and benefits. The savings and benefits sourced and communicated by YEI make a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of seniors.
    Find the YEI Directory on the YEI homepage.  Click here to find out how to use the YEI Directory effectively.



  • YEI is a trusted and invaluable go-to resource for South African baby boomers, seniors, retirees and pensioners


  • WIN with YEI – Competitions are very popular with YEI members.  Ticket give-aways and competitions feature regularly in the YEI e-Newsletter and on the YEI website.  We have many first-time winners on YEI!!  See our latest competitions and ticket give-aways here.


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  • FAQ  – Click here to take a look at YEI’s most commonly asked questions.  If your query is not addressed in this section, please feel free to email us with your question.


Would you like to reach the senior market?

YEI offers advertising opportunities to organisations who wish to promote businesses, products or services to the senior market.  YEI guarantees great reach to SA seniors.   Please click here for further information.


What our clients are saying about You’ve Earned It /YEI

‘It’s one thing that most of our clients have access to the internet, but another that they now have access to a website dedicated to their particular retirement needs. You’ve Earned It has not only brought us closer to the retirement market, providing valuable exposure for Napier Retirement Village, but it has become a trust-worthy and user-friendly resource for many of our residents.’
Lucy Bekker, Marketing Manager, NRV


What YEI members say about You’ve Earned It /YEI

YEI has been part of my life for at least the past 6 years if not longer! Always something interesting to read, competitions to take part in and lots of advice. Keep it up and keep it going.
Ginny du Toit


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