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Living with a disability – the accomplishment of Sandra

Posted By Marilynh / November 6, 2019 / 0 Comments

To achieve success is challenging for most of us.
Accomplishment is considerably more valued
if one is living with a disability.


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I want to give kudos to the lady I met at a car workshop in Johannesburg, earlier this month. Her name is Sandra, and not only does she have an incredible knowledge of cars but she is the garage manager and is doing an amazing job.

But Sandra is also a person Living with a Disability. She does not have use of both her legs and can only use one arm. Yet, Sandra runs the entire garage and, well from what I saw, also cracks the whip a little on any mechanic who seems to be slacking.

So, as Sandra was multi-tasking, running the workshop and keeping me company, I asked her how she is able to get around so well, while also working a computer, man the phone and still have time to shout at grown men.

“I can’t even run after my grandkids,” I said to her.

Her answer was incredible. She said that as a Person Living with a Disability, she does not need sympathy; she merely needs a little consideration here and there.

“What does that mean”, I asked?

She said, “Well obviously I cannot get around as easily as you, and sometimes I may need you to help me or be patient as I open the door or type on a computer but I’m fully capable. I am short of nothing. I have a brain that works and my body just follows suit.”

And boy is she capable!

So there I was listening and being astonished. And as if to add to my astonishment, she also offers to make us both coffees; which she does with such grace.

I left the garage not only with a fully fixed car but a heart fully inspired and persuaded about the power of the human spirit.

Sandra says that living with a disability has not handicapped her as she is still able to do virtually everything herself.

I am not a fan of motivational speakers and Sandra has not changed my mind because she is easily the most inspirational person I have met this year.


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So between us, in recognition of Disability Awareness Month (between 3 November and 3 December), I am thinking of taking Sandra on my next trip to Zanzibar. It is easy with Mango Airlines because they fly direct plus we get to receive our Mango Go Rewards with every ticket purchased, which we can use to get a nice Spa Day or have a brilliant lunch at a restaurant. Then I get to sit and spend time with the most incredible woman I have met in 2019.


If you want to join Sandra and I in Zanzibar,
then visit www.flymango.com for more information.


For specific information on how Mango is able to assist disabled guests,
please click here





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