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YEI goes to Mazeppa Bay

Posted By Marilynh / March 19, 2012 / 0 Comments

I was very excited last year to win a weekend at Mazeppa Bay.  We took the prize up in February, and enjoyed a weekend of pure unadulterated relaxation.

A problem-free and enjoyable 1-Time flight took us to East London Airport, where the Mazeppa Bay shuttle service collected us.    The shuttle service took us on a three-hour drive through some exquisite scenery to Mazeppa Bay, a 3 star hotel with AA “highly recommended” rating.  Part of the gravel road was pretty horrendous, but we were advised that the recent unseasonal and heavy rain had unearthed some serious potholes.

Despite the road, we were enchanted.  Mazeppa Bay is nestled in a beautiful setting of palms high above broad beaches.  It has become one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Wild Coast.  In 1994, Vernon and Sandy Acton took over the hotel and have revamped the Hotel with passion and dignity, creating a wonderful ambience of hospitality, where guests can enjoy home away from home comforts.

Vernon and Sandy have since retired, but still maintaining ownership, have left the Hotel under the capable management of their daughter, Vanessa Fisher.  This family run business strives to give its guests a warm welcome and ensures a pleasant holiday for families, friends and fishermen alike.

Mazeppa Bay has much appeal for the game and shark fishermen, due to the steep continental shelf.    There are more than ten different fishing spots, all within walking distance from the hotel.  And if you ask nicely, the hotel will prepare your fish for your supper!

Legend has it that Mazeppa derives its name from the ship (Schooner), The Mazeppa.  The ship was captained by a certain Captain Allen, on its way to Delagoa Bay from Port Natal in 1842.  The Mazeppa was in search of a British man-of-war to rescue the Garrison, which had been besieged by the Boers.  The captain steered the ship into what is now known as Mazeppa Bay for shelter and ran aground.  Its ruins are believed to be buried under the sand dunes at Mazeppa Bay.

Mazeppa was also once believed to be a port for illegal trading in the 1830’s, particularly smuggling in gunpowder and ammunition.  By 1903 it had become a popular holiday destination,

Mazeppa Bay is the only Wild Coast Hotel that boasts their very own Island (aka The Clan Lindsay Rocks).  During high tide, the island is only accessible via a quaint suspension bridge.  The island is a popular spot for fishermen.

Mazeppa Bay offers a package of indulgent relaxation – who can resist this in our busy world today?  Walking and hiking are popular pastimes, on the beach and on numerous trails fringed with ancient trees, and a wonderful variety of flowering shrubs, plants and tropical flowers.  Visitors can walk to Kob Inn, 7 km north, have a pre-arranged lunch, and then walk back.  The Wild Coast Meander is a popular trail, where visitors walk from one Wild Coast hotel to the next, Mazeppa Bay being second in line.   While you’re walking on the beach, spot the local cows who also cannot resist the beauty of the beach!

A swim in the sparkling pool where you can peer over the edge at the Indian Ocean and the waves lapping on the shore soon became a regular “must” on our weekend of doing “a lot of nothing”.

Mealtimes are a pleasure with delicious and wholesome home-cooked meals, lovingly prepared by Hester and her team.  And when you think you can’t possibly eat anything more, sundowners and pre-dinner snacks are served in the Sea View Bar upstairs with an amazing view of the Indian Ocean, and downstairs in the Red Blanket Bar.  This became our obvious option to wind down the day.

Overseas visitors are also frequenting Mazeppa Bay.  While we were there, we enjoyed chatting to a French family and another family from Seattle in the US.  Both families were in awe at the beauty of Mazeppa Bay – which makes you realise that we are incredibly privileged to have such awesome spots pretty much on our doorstep.

And the cherry on the top is – Mazeppa Bay offers pensioner discounts!  Now, there’s no reason why you too can’t go and share this little piece of paradise.

Mazeppa Bay – thank you, and we will be back!

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