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Time for those Easter Buns!

Posted By Marilynh / April 3, 2019 / 0 Comments

Whether you are travelling during Easter,
or having a staycation,
it’s a good time to reflect
about the very diverse world we seniors live in.


Mango seniors - April 2019


There’s two ways of looking at the Easter Holidays. Either you are in church commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or you are at home (or away) enjoying your long weekend, while happily munching on your Easter eggs or wine (why not?) or just having a good old braai, if you will.
Whatever your choice, we wish you a “Happy Easter”.

Don’t you find religious holidays to be some of the most beautiful times of the year? Think about it – and you don’t have to be in any religion to get this. We live in a very diverse world with, inevitably, different cultures, traditions and religion. Yet, our shared value for humanity enables us to ‘allow everyone to be’ without judgment or impeding the rights of our neighbour to choose.

I absolutely love it. It is similar to a garden – ever noticed that gardens are made up of all sorts of plants and flowers, in their different shapes, colours and size yet co-existing and creating, all in all, a beautiful, radiant garden? If ever there was a symbol of our shared divinity, it has to be a garden.



At our advanced age, most of us have lived through and heard of some of the most atrocious stories about people ill-treating each other on the basis of cultural and/ or religious basis. At the end of the day no one wins that battle – both the oppressor and the oppressed are crushed under the same curse of ‘the conflict’.

So perhaps the adage, “live and let live” has to be right up there with the best of them. Time has taught me that we are not meant to be all the same. We are all human, with different backgrounds and experiences which form our varied beliefs. So to deny anyone’s belief, is to deny their humanity. It is to elevate ourselves above our fellow man and seek to lord over one who is the exact same species as you.

One popular author wrote, in defense of multi-culturism, that, “both the rich and poor have one thing in common: 100 years from now, both will not be walking this earth.”

So let us love and respect each other in our diversity.

And most importantly if you are travelling, please be safe on the roads. If you are going out of town, don’t forget to give yourself a real treat and fly Mango Airlines.
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At our age, only the best will do.


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Happy Easter Holidays to all



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