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Reflections – your year in review, your year to come..

Posted By Marilynh / December 11, 2019 / 0 Comments

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We reflect on the year that was,
and the year to come. 

Is it time that we start challenging
the traditional expectations of the retired?


Grandparents walking on beach


Where on earth did 2019 fly off to?

Every festive season, I ask my children 1 question: “How different was this year from the previous one? Did you improve yourself or was this year more or less a repetition of the previous one?”

I ask this question all the time – especially to myself because it is easy to live the same year five times – no big goals, no big attempts, no new things, just the usual ups and downs of life. Sometimes life can get really mechanical and monotonous under the guise of ‘stability’.

At this stage in my life, being a pensioner, I am acutely aware of how quickly life goes by and how easily one can pass up big opportunities for lack of preparedness or simply being afraid.

So while the festive season is a time for family and to kick back a little, it is also a time for a serious review. Remember those New Year’s resolutions? The mega plans on how to make more money? Travel more, go to the gym and conquer this or the other thing? Well…?

It’s time for an honest review. If you achieve at least 30% of what you initially set out to do then you would have had a pretty decent year.


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So this festive season, why not sit down with your family and review the year. Figure out what has worked and what has not; where can you improve and what needs to be kicked off the table completely. Often, it is not the goal in itself that is the problem, but the person attempting the goal. Analyse your habits and character traits – what do you want to keep and what are you kicking off the table?

I usually prefer to do this analysis with my family because at least that brings another objective ear and an element of accountability to whatever commitments I make. Do this for yourself.

As you review your year, don’t forget to always forgive yourself where you have erred and reward yourself for good work.

And while at it, remember that you always deserve a little holiday just to reset your batteries and perspective. So in your getaway plans, remember that Mango Airlines flies directly to most destinations in South Africa and the region. It is really up to you – if it’s in South Africa, we can most probably take you there. Or, why not jet off to Zanzibar – Mango has direct flights to that beauty of an island.

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It’s been a good year.
Thank you for lending me your ear this year.
Have a safe and fantastic festive season
– let’s recharge the batteries and get ready for an even better 2020.


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