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Choose to travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, and save!

Due to popular demand, Mango’s senior citizens promotion has been extended. As a result, air travel within South Africa is now easier and more affordable for Guests over 60. Get away today and do the things that really matter. With a 15% discount on select Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday Mango flights, you don’t need to rationalise the cost. All you need to do is book and fly now until 30 September 2015.

Whether you choose to spend some time with your grandchildren, to celebrate your fortieth anniversary in style or simply do the things you’ve always wanted to do, you can with Mango.

Your savings can also be greater than just 15% off. With a wide variety of payment options to choose from, Mango makes the decision to go worth your while.

If you’re an SAA Voyager Member you can use your Miles on any Mango flight to any destination. As an Edgars/Jet Thank U Account Cardholder, you can book your ticket now and pay the total amount over a period of six months. This way, you can stretch your monthly budget and not feel the pinch.

If you happen to have Nedbank Greenbacks vouchers, why not redeem them? You’re spending less on your getaway, so you’ll feel even better about saying yes to that spur of the moment decision.

And as a Momentum Multiply Member, you can save up to 50% off your fare. With savings such as these, you could soon be in the air and on your way to any of Mango’s regional destinations.

But how do you secure your getaway? All you need to do is visit and book the discounted Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday Mango flight. Alternatively, you can contact the call centre on 086 100 1234 and they’ll book your flights for you. It’s that easy.

As the most on-time domestic airline in South Africa, on average, Mango is committed to making your journey better. So, why not book your senior citizen’s flight today?

It is important to note that standard terms and conditions apply when booking your flight. Guests are reminded that you will be required to input your ID number when booking and to submit a copy of your ID to Mango. Once at the airport, keep your ID close at hand so as to present it at the check-in counter.

Alternatively, using Mango’s new and enhanced mobi-app, you can check in for your flights via your smartphone. Simply show your electronic boarding pass to security and avoid the stress of queueing. Mobi check-in closes three hours prior to the departure of your flight, so check in sooner rather than later.

Travelling with Mango really is easier, more affordable and comfortable. So, get away with Mango! Why not today?

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  • Elize van Vuuren says:

    What if you want to fly in August – No pensioner discount – very sad….

  • Marilynh says:

    Dear Elize

    Mango have responded as follows:

    The special offer only lasted until 31 July but as of yesterday it was extended to 30 September AND includes Saturdays!!

    Kind regards
    Marilyn, YEI Editor

  • Elize van Vuuren says:

    Good day,

    That is good news! Thank you very much, I really do appreciate it.

  • Lyn Swartz says:

    Hi just need to confirm if senior discount on airfares on Wed/Thur and Sat flights as we want to book for 20 March to 27 March 2019? We flew with senior discount to Cpt in Sept last year. Many thks Lyn Swartz

    • Marilynh says:

      Dear Lyn

      Please see the Mango listing at The Mango senior citizen discount is on selected flights
      on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and senior citizens receive 10% off the fare cost. Please click on the Mango banner at the top of the YEI home page, click on Senior Citizen discount and follow the prompts.

      Warm regards

  • Debbie Williams says:

    Fabulous! Thank you Mango…I see this is for specific days but for all time. I do so wish that the government would implement at least a 30% discount for flying to all destinations, seeing as we have paid taxes for years and years and still have to pay tax on our pension payout each month.

    Thank you and warm regards

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