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Indulge yourself with a Hydro Massage

Posted By Marilynh / March 6, 2018 / 0 Comments

Forever unpacks the mysteries of the “Hydro Massage”
– an indulgence available at several of the Forever Resorts
which offer unbeatable pensioner discounts!



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Living the pensioner’s life should be glorious! You are in the prime of your life, and now is the time to embrace every opportunity that life presents you with – explore every corner of the country, hike every nature trail, see every tourist attraction and just… relax. Now that you have the time to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do, what’s holding you back?

At Forever we believe that every day should be a holiday – an ideology that holds even more water once you’re retired, with plenty of time to embark on new adventures. Thanks to our unbeatable pensioner discounts, you can now afford to take advantage of your freedom and go on holiday more often! 


The new buzz word, “Hydro”


Hydro Massages refer to a pressurised, water based treatment which will be available at Warmbaths, A Forever Resort in Bela Bela, Limpopo AND Badplaas, A Forever Resort situated in the majestic Hlumuhlumu Mountain Range, in the charming Mpumalanga towards the end of March 2018.

The Hydro’s at the two Forever Resorts will offer a variety of treatments and products which will ensure you leave feeling nothing less than revitalised and rejuvenated. Whether you have a full body massage or simply lounge around in the hot mineral pools, our Specialist Therapists will take care of your every need in beautiful and tranquil surroundings.


What is a Hydro Massage exactly?


Often Hydro Massages are confused with Jet Baths or Jacuzzis. The reason for this is that all three of these have two main elements in common, water and pulsing jets. However, a Hydro Massage is a treatment rather than an experience, an underwater massage which stimulates your body’s circulation and gets blood moving around in your body and towards your skin. Over and above that, the hot water also cleanses your skin and opens pores so you’re left with skin that looks and feels refreshed. The Hydro Massage will also assist with stiff, sore muscles and joints, and typically focuses on problem areas such as your neck, back, legs and limbs. The Hydro Massage is therefore often recommended with complementary products and treatments in order to maximise its benefits.


Forever gives you Hydro options


What will be making the Warmbaths, A Forever Resort and Badplaas, A Forever Resort so unique is that they use natural Spring Water, accompanied with Specialist Therapists and a variety of treatments and products; you can rest assured that this will be a treatment worth having when visiting Warmbaths or Badplaas.   


Warmbaths, A Forever Resort:

The Hydro Treatment Spa will re-open on 5 March 2018 and the Hydro Indoor Pool will re-open on 19 March 2018.


Badplaas, A Forever Resort:

The Hydro Facility will open on 26 March 2018.


More information about Forever Resorts and Lodges Hydro offerings


For more information relating to Hydro and Spa offerings at Forever Resorts, Lodges, Hotels and Retreats, click here for more information.   


To book a Hydro Treatment, please contact:


Warmbaths:   Tel:  +27 (0)14-736 8530
Email:  warmbathshydro@foreversa.co.za
Website:  http://www.foreverwarmbaths.co.za/hydro_spa.php


Badplaas:  Tel:  +27 (0)17-844 8000
Website:   http://www.foreverbadplaas.co.za/hydro_spa.php



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