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If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it

Posted By Admin Staff / May 7, 2019 / 0 Comments

It is never too late to start exercising your body.
The benefits of exercise on your health,
especially as you age, are numerous


Golf for seniors


They say, “Whatever you don’t use, you will eventually lose.”

I never really believed that until my father’s little bakkie gave me and my family a practical explanation of exactly what that phrase means. After dad passed, we decided to store away his little bakkie until we could decide whether to sell it or just pass it on to someone in the family.

Well, after a 23-month hibernation in our garage, we eventually decided to start it up for a short trek to the local supermarket. After all, the car was in great condition, so it wouldn’t be a problem, right?




First the battery was so flat, it needed to be replaced. All the tyres were deflated. The fan and heater blew out only dust. The speedometer and, it seems, every other little thing had stopped working. Ultimately, it took a costly visit to a workshop to get the car in working condition again.

Well, our bodies work very much the same way. Whatever you are not using, you are likely to never use again. Truth is, at our ripe age, the temptation to do less and be less physical is always there. To make it worse, with a shopping mall at nearly every doorstep, one gets very little opportunity to really stretch and have a good exercise.

Technology has made things even worse because we also hardly visit friends or family. Everyone is a phone call and SMS away. All this often means that we are doing little physical activity and getting virtually no exercise.

Unfortunately, the price to pay is very often our health. At an advanced age, it is very important to try and keep physically fit. It is good not only for our physical state but our mental health, too.


Golf for seniors


So on 29 May, as the world celebrates International Senior Health and Fitness Day, why not go out of your way to do a little extra exercise? Make it fun and join a sports club. One of the most beautiful ones for people our age is the sport of golf. It is not high intensity and all those walks and swinging of golf clubs will give you a really good work-out. Plus, there are golf courses all over the country.

Even better, when you fly to any golf course in the country using Mango Airlines, you will get a 20kg baggage allowance. This is just another way in which Mango puts you first as an honoured guest.


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Until then – look after that body.


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