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February – the month of Love

Posted By Marilynh / February 6, 2019 / 0 Comments

February – time to spread the abundance of love! 

How about treating your special other half to a mini-break
just to keep the spark going! 

And Mango Airlines has some of the
best affordable deals in town!




If January were a person, he would be an uncompromising, stiff-upper lipped, Army General who is all business and no play. Nothing spells ‘end of the festive season’ better than January, with all his bills and what seems like 64 days in 1 month.

February, on the other hand, is smoother. He is the proverbial blue-eyed knight in shining armour, here to do nothing but whisk you away to Loveland glory. February is so smooth, he has a full day, the 14th, dedicated to nothing but loving and being loved.


What a beautiful thing. At best hard to define, often misunderstood but generally accepted as the highest expression of our humanness. I have heard many a people ask, ‘where do I find love’? But truth is, it is all around us. You see it in the innocent, trusting eyes of your precious grandchild. It is there in your partner’s tired (sometimes sick) hands that are still willing to wake up and bring you your morning coffee. Love is expressed in those beautiful souls who volunteer at hospices; it is there for all to see in the fights and arguments of that wonderful couple who have been married for over 40 years.

But most importantly, love is found in the eyes of that person you see every day in the mirror. Yes, you are a physical expression of love.

So this month, I challenge you to spread the abundance of love in your heart. It could be through a smile to a random stranger; an encouraging word to your struggling teenage grandchild or, better still, a day or weekend away with your other half, just to keep that old spark going. Mango Airlines has some of the best affordable deals in town (coupled with exceptional legroom). 


For more information, visit: www.flymango.com

So, this month, spread the love – and as you give it, may it be returned to you.


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