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Celebrating EVERY woman this Women’s Month

Posted By Admin Staff / August 6, 2019 / 0 Comments

August is Women’s Month in South Africa,
and it is time we started to celebrate and encourage
each and every beautiful woman
that calls this country home.


Women's Month 2019


Somebody said that it is not enough to just celebrate Women’s Month in August. Instead, they said, we should rename the entire month to ‘Woman’. So here goes – January, February, March, April, May, June, July, Woman, September, October, November and December.

Mmmhh, I don’t know, but anyway…

Happy Women’s Month to all you beautiful and strong women of South Africa. If nobody has told you, then take it from me, an old hand: You are the real cradle of human kind. You are so great, the entire continent of Africa, in all its beauty and majesty, is referred to as ‘Mother Africa’ in celebration of the female.

So, this is it, a whole month dedicated to us. What to do?

Well, I for one could go shopping every day for this entire month, if I could, but that would burn a hole so deep in my pension I would never recover.

So apart from the usual, ‘Happy Women’s Day/Month’ we will be getting for the next four weeks, how else can we celebrate each other?

Well, for one, we need to acknowledge some truths. Here are some of them:


The Hero Behind The Scenes


Virtually every man who is touted as some kind of hero, famous or not, has a woman somewhere in the background keeping everything together. Is that how it should be? Certainly not; but that is how it has been for eons. So, let’s celebrate those women who have truly been ‘the wind beneath his wings’. The most famous example I can think of is one Winnie Mandela, who, for nearly three decades, had to play mom and dad, while Mr Mandela was in prison. Of course we love our Madiba; however, he came out of prison to find his home in tact and his surname still carrying a lot of credibility, thanks to one Winnie Mandela who literally gave her soul to support his vision.


Women Need More Support In Business


Women are excellent in many corporate positions; however, statistics show that they earn less. It’s always been like that, in fact, when I was working (a while ago, I might add) that was the norm. While we hope all of that will change in time, in the meantime, I suggest you go out and celebrate that power lady at your job or, in my case, whom you used to work with. Let her know that she is a pioneer of a soon coming revolution against patriarchy.


The Strength Of The Single Parent


Single parenting is such a tough thing to do. Unfortunately, not only has it become common but it befalls women more than men (obviously we are better at it). However, it remains a very taxing task. And all of us know a woman who is father and mother in their household. So, hey, pop one for that lady and tell her she is great and is raising a generation that will do better than us. I, for one, am a product of a single mother (bless her soul).



There are many such stories and I am sure you could relate to quite a few over coffee, if I were so lucky to meet you (there’s an idea for my editor…). On the other hand, it would be an excellent treat if you could book one of these, our lady heroes, a flight on Mango Airlines to any destination of their choice in the country. At least Mango treats us like guests, not just a passenger…


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Until next month





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