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A Father’s Day with a Twist

Posted By Admin Staff / June 12, 2019 / 0 Comments

Having trouble deciding what to get your dad or grandfather for Father’s Day this year? Well, look no further as we have a great list of gift ideas for you to consider.


Father's Day 2019


OK, here’s a million dollar question: Why do we habitually buy ‘the dads’ and ‘granddads’ toolboxes or a pair of socks on Father’s Day? Is there a message in that? After all, it is the thought that counts, right? So, exactly what kind of thoughts are going through our minds when we look at the latest toolbox or newest, brightest pair of socks and immediately think about ‘the daddy’ or about ‘granddad’?

Granted, daddy may not win any awards in a foot moisturising competition (why don’t men like to moisturise, anyway?) but, my goodness, do we have to buy him new socks all the time? And the toolbox?

Is it a veiled message that we really do think that they are the perfect candidate for those odd-jobs around the house, like fixing that annoying drip from the kitchen sink. Or to jump and change a blown light bulb without first having to be reminded him about 7857603853 times?

Well, whatever your reasons, this year, how about we break away from the norm and treat our ‘bearded’ housemates and grandfathers to some fabulous gifts?

After all, we love them and would like to keep them around for as long as possible.


So here’s a list to consider for this Father’s Day:



Yes, I know what I said just a few lines above, but men love to fix stuff. So getting him the latest tools will make his life a little easier (and probably spare a few of your kitchen utensils from moonlighting as screwdrivers). Plus, we all get to live with ‘Mr Fix It’ who’s all too happy to do the odd jobs in the house. For free.


Foot Bath

As we get advanced in years, spa days become more of an essential than a luxury treat. So how about a nice portable foot bath to soak his feet in whenever he feels like it?


Beard Trimmer

Getting older doesn’t mean we take less pride in how we look. So why not get him a beard trimmer to encourage that metrosexual look (wink, wink).


Personalised Wine Carrier

As he gets better and wiser with time, so does his wine. And that should be reflected in how he carries it.


A Photo Album

Get him a photo album and fill it with pictures taken during the significant times of his life. This could be his baptism as a child, his picture with his grandfathers or that day he held you for the first time and cried more than you. Whatever the story, he will appreciate the sentiment.


Father's Day


Classic Album And Gramophone

If he’s into music, get him the original album of his favourite band of all time, preferably with a gramophone to go with it. There are a few classic stores that still carry gramophones – this should help rewind the years, once in a while.


A Braai Set

Men love braais. They particularly love standing there and watching the meat turn brown. It seems like one of those therapeutic things they learned on Mars. So getting him a new braai set will give him more joy than the mismatched tongs he’s using right now.


A Hammock

After retirement, we have a lot more time for ourselves. So get him a hammock, it works great in the backyard on a sunny afternoon.


A Weekend Away

There is no harm in taking him away for the weekend to celebrate Father’s Day. We live in such a beautiful country with so many things to do and see. Or, take him to Zanzibar. It is such a stunning island and Mango Airlines flies you directly to that tropical joy. To find out more, visit Fly Mango.


I hope these will spark some creative juices in you for this year’s Father’s Day. Let’s face it, men don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, yet the world is full of some really good men. This Father’s Day, make daddy and granddad feel really special.




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