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  • Margaretha J Pretorius says:

    This YE! email seem big fun, also I can gain a lot of info to handle getting older, BUT want to remain active and independant.

    Enjoy live.

    I am very excited

    Still new on the group. Willing to learn from you


  • Milana Hoskins-Mungal says:

    Thank you YE! for always been so informative. I simply enjoy reading the newsletter. Keep up the great work.

  • Lynn Protti says:

    I love all your articles, very interesting information, tips etc. Keep up the hard work on the articles.

    I would love to win the tickets to see this show I will always love you as my husband and I have not been to any shows etc. in years due to our loss of our business. Would be such a treat for us both. Thanking you.Lynn

  • Ann McKinley says:

    Yay! Our wedding anniversary on 26th August!

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