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Solo senior travel is on the rise. The times – they are a-changing.

It is a myth that the stereotyped solo senior traveller is single, unattached and looking for romance.

It is often the case that the solo senior traveller is married, in a committed relationship and is travelling without their spouse or partner for for a variety of reasons.



The solo senior traveller could be widowed, divorced or an adventurous singleton.  Many women, and men, like the idea of having an experience on their own, have no qualms about travelling alone to an unusual destination, are not bothered that their partner is disinterested in a particular destination, or they just can’t bear the idea of a golfing or cooking holiday!  No matter what the reason is that a person is travelling solo, the fact is that more and more people are solo travellers and form a significant portion of the leisure travel industry.

The one commonality amongst solo travellers is their beef with single supplements.  While many travel brands are sitting up and paying attention to this bugbear, there are equally as many travel companies, hotels, B&Bs who are not.  Is it justified that the costs of holidays and single rooms are sharply increased when one travels on one’s own?