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Lockdown Fitness – What’s it all about?

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New is hard and vulnerable. But on the other hand, the discomfort of exploration, of doing new things, is where the magic happens. When we stop growing we start declining, there is no neutral here. This is an extremely unusual and new time for all of us, and we need to decide what we are […]

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Osteoporosis – The “silent crippler” or the Older Woman’s disease – learn about the risk factors, the treatment and the myths in this fascinating article..     “Break a leg” is an idiom that we use to wish someone “good luck” in an ironic way. This idiom was first used in the world of entertainment, where well-wishers […]

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Are you grounded?

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Falls are the leading cause of injury amongst 65-plussers.   Therefore, there is a 1 in 3 chance that you are at risk of having a fall (or falls) in your life.  The good news is that there are ways of learning simple fall–prevention strategies.  How?  Read on….     The human body operates best […]

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