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Silver fit

We at Silver fit believe in successful and active ageing and we look forward starting a journey of improved health and quality of life with you.

Silver Fit is an evidence based exercise programme specifically designed for individuals over the age of 60 years old.  Our aim is to improve your strength and stability, as well as your overall health status.  We hope that through this programme you will enjoy the many of the benefits associated with exercise and fitness.

Ballerinas, tight rope walkers, ice skaters… they seem to have such poise and a natural balance that most of us dont possess. But I want to share a secret with you today… That balance comes from lots and lots of practice. Which shows us that while our balance can worsen with age and different conditions that we cant avoid, it can also improve with practice.


For one to stay upright, 3 things need to happen: 

  1. Your sensory system accurately portraying information on your body’s position in its environment  –  Hearing, vision and touch (such as our feet on the floor).
  2. Your brain processing that information  –  Neurons and sensory receptors in the brain (i.e. making decisions).  
  3. Your muscles and joints coordinating movement based on the information your brain gives them  –  Being able to contract and relax your muscles to move how you want to.