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Let’s Talk Digital – The Silver Tech Revolution

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  There is a perception that that elderly people and technology do not mix well. However, rising life expectancy, delaying retirement age, and active aging are redefining this demographic and their role in an increasingly digitalized society. The two guests on Audrey Naidoo’s podcast, Let’s Talk Digital, are Marilyn Hallett,  Founder/Director of You’ve Earned It/YEI, […]

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Keep your mind fit with MyMastery!

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If you are interested in keeping your mind fit by exploring new topics or have time to enjoy “edutainment”, MyMastery combines entertainment, inspiration and knowledge designed to entertain, inspire and educate!   MyMastery, the new online learning subscription platform is delighted to offer YEI members an exclusive free seven day trial access pass to experience […]

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Testimonials, comments and feedback from You’ve Earned It members

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Thumbs up for You’ve Earned It, the digital media platform for SA 60-plussers     Feedback from  YEI members Thanks for the awesome work you do for us oldies. God Bless. Barbara Sutherland Some time ago you made us aware of the discount on Cape Town City busses. I did some research and me and […]

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Don’t forget to support pensioner home-run businesses

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#Support Pensioners. Close to 60 pensioners have registered their small home-run businesses at no cost in YEI’s Directory     Seniorpreneurs are alive and well in South Africa!  We have always known that SA pensioners are notoriously resourceful, and this has become very obvious with the huge variety of seniorpreneurs that are signing up for […]

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