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Travel – the only thing you pay for that makes you richer!

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Don’t let the year end without booking one of 14 fantastic travel tours with FCT Senior Travel. There is something for everyone and with 24 years of experience, they guarantee the best service for your adventure.     Do you want to head off on a travel adventure at a fantastic rate? Well, FCT Senior Travel has […]

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Forever Badplaas Pensioners Break-Away dream!

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Fantabulous chalet and camping specials available for pensioners, the family, and the grandkids at Forever Badplaas, now fully restored and reopened after the flash flood.     On Friday, 28 December 2018, Forever Badplaas was partially affected by a flash flood which resulted in some of their facilities temporarily being closed. Since then, the Forever […]

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Retirement age in South Africa – know your rights

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The question of retirement age in South Africa can be thorny at best. YEI unpacks the topic of the retirement age in South Africa     Baby boomers are retiring in their scores. The only issue is that many baby boomers are not ready to retire, mostly because of financial reasons. but also because they […]

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The unique challenges of senior entrepreneurship

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Seniors worldwide are showing real entrepreneurial spirit by setting up businesses – do seniors experience unique challenges in this regard? We believe that the retirement age, in time, will go the way of the Dodo Bird – disappear into extinction.  And so it should.  The retirement age originated in the 1880’s – the idea of […]

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