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Overcoming challenges in Retirement

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Adjusting to retirement life for newly-minted retirees is not always easy and certainly not for the feint-hearted! But, challenges can be overcome….       Never has it been more important to seek your life’s purpose than in retirement. Life’s purpose is your mission in life, the glue, the cohesion, the meaning.   YEI has […]

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How savvy pensioners can get a 40% pay increase

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In retirement, there is an instinctive fear of running out of money, even for those who seem to be well funded. Steven Nathan, founder and chief executive officer of 10X Investments, outlines one easy way to cut back on a major expense without compromising your lifestyle.     Few retirees realise that the cost of […]

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Challenges in obtaining insurance in retirement

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How do those in retirement cope in challenging times? How do you efficiently plan how much to spend on necessary insurance products? Let’s take a look…     Managing the costs that come with everyday life is no easy feat for the majority of retirees in South Africa. Rising inflation means that many are left […]

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Finding your sense of purpose in retirement

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The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #5 – Finding your sense of purpose in retirement     What Is Life’s Purpose? Life’s purpose is unique to everyone.  Your purpose is a combination of your skills, passions and values.  It’s your mission in life, and identifying your life’s purpose can mean a hugely more satisfying life.  […]

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