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If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it

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It is never too late to start exercising your body. The benefits of exercise on your health, especially as you age, are numerous     They say, “Whatever you don’t use, you will eventually lose.” I never really believed that until my father’s little bakkie gave me and my family a practical explanation of exactly […]

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Celebrating the Woman!

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In March, we celebrate International Women’s Month.  And ladies, Mango and YEI would like to celebrate you, exclusively.  This is an opportunity where we can celebrate your achievements and the important role you play in your family and/or community.       My goodness – 2019 is in its 3rd month already! Where is this […]

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Senior Savings and Benefits – Bumper Edition

Posted By Angela Watkins / 2 Comments

  A diverse group of SA organisations who have one thing in common. They all have seniors interests at heart.  From feel good rewards to flying more for less. From bucket list adventures to medical and mobility equipment.  These are but a few of the hundreds of SA businesses who are offering you, the retiree, […]

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Happy New Year – compliments from Mango

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Welcome aboard the year 2019! Remember:  We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. This year, you have the opportunity to live your best life, yet.       First of all, welcome aboard the year 2019! This promises to be one eventful, fun-filled, good-willed year, and we […]

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