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WIN: Jane’s Delicious Superfoods – for Super Health

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Just what the Doctor ordered – a punch-packed guide to superfoods  ready to boost our immune system, improve our health and reduce the risk of disease.     Jane’s Delicious Superfoods for Super Health is a comprehensive guide to more than 150 delicious, nutrient-rich foods which, when eaten as part of a balanced diet, boost our immune […]

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Extract from Wilbur Smith’s new book – Call of the Raven

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Extract from Call of the Raven – by Wilbur Smith and Corban Addison Call of the Raven is the prequel to A Falcon Flies     ‘The right of the cat over the mouse, of the strong over the weak. The natural law of existence.’ Mungo St John, A Falcon Flies The son of a […]

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