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Senior Specials because Seniors are Special

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  Seniors, pensioners and retirees have become increasingly important in the South African economy, and these businesses offering senior specials recognize exactly that.   Sports Tours Feel the vibe of the crowd. See the expressions of the players. RUGBY WORLD CUP PACKAGES NOW AVAILABLE.  to find out more. Reference You’ve Earned It when making a booking/enquiry […]

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Downsizing and decluttering – what to do with all that “stuff”?

Posted By Marilynh / 5 Comments

You’ve been in the zone, the right frame of mind.  You’ve been ruthless, brutal and you purged.  You have successfully conquered the decluttering challenge!   But now what do I do with all this stuff?!!       A YEI reader, Peter, wrote: As we get older, there are occasions where we need to downsize […]

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Tips on downsizing your home – YEI on RISE FM

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    You’ve Earned It / YEI spoke to Zingisa Chirwa, talk host of Sixty Minutes, on RISE FM, a radio station in Mpumalanga on 14th February 2018   The topic was Downsizing Your Home   Please click on the link below to hear the podcast    INTERVIEW 5 DownSizing.mp3

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The unique challenges of Retirement: Challenge #3 – Housing

Posted By Marilynh / 7 Comments

  Many South African over-60s, who are still in their homes, are exploring alternative options for accommodation in retirement.  There are several big questions around retirement when it comes to housing/accommodation: Should we be downsizing? Where are we going to live? Where will I live if my health deteriorates?   Signs that it could be […]

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